How to restore shine to 1 ton of polished black rocks?

Dinah V
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I have a ton (literally, a ton) of highly polished black river rocks here and there as part of our landscaping. We have installed them two years ago and now they are covered with dirt and grime, with some soil and old leaves in between (see the pic). I have a laborer who would remove the stones, wash them, and put them back, but simple washing and scrubbing doesn't restore the original high shine (I tried).

Is there any chemical I can soak the stones in after washing to restore the shine? Googling returns advice like spraying the stones with "wet look seal", one side at a time - but this is just unrealistic with so many rocks. Soaking in the wet look sealer results in milky residue on the stone surface. I also read about soaking in mineral oil - but that's a temporary look, plus oil residue on the stones will attract dirt and grime even faster.

So. Any advice how to restore high shine to A LARGE QUANTITY of black polished rocks?

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