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Sealing around shower faceplate/escutcheon?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We had mold around our shower faceplate, underneath the clear silicon which was put on completely around the faceplate. Plus it was put on very heavy/sloppy. We are having some work done on our shower so I get a "second chance" with this since the faceplate is currently off and we cannot use the shower.

I removed all of the silicon that was on the faceplate and on the porcelain tile (PIA) and also the mold. When the faceplate is put back on (it is a Hans Grohe if that matters) should the silicon not be put on at the bottom? This happens to be an oval faceplate. I have read some things about not putting it all the way around, I presume to let it "breathe" so that it can dry out and mold is less likely to grow.

I even read the Hans Grohe instructions and it does not mention putting silicone there. But I am not sure if that is supposed to be a "given."

I also read that the faceplate is only for show, not for waterproofing and that it should not have any silicon around it. Ours actually has velcro to attach it.


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