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Begonia bogneri leaf propagation (and free things for postage)

5 years ago

Generally when I propagate Begonias from leaves I get too many plantlets. Begonia bogneri is no exception.

Back in December I decided to follow up on some observations that broken off leaves of Begonia bogneri were constantly rooting in my pots. I had previously been propagating the plant in moist sphagnum, but that is a slight pain, and requires that the leaves be inserted with the correct polarity so that they grow roots.

Instead I figured I would try cutting leaves up into pieces roughly 1.5 to 2 cm, and just lay them on top of moist soil and put the whole thing in a plastic bag. I started with 193 pieces on December 12th.

This is what it looked like on January 5th. Most of the cuttings had survived, and some had put out roots. The odd thing is that they moved around a bit and sort of clumped up! If anyone has an explanation I'm curious. We didn't have any earthquakes, and I don't remember shaking the container up at all.

By today, March 7th, it looked like this:

I just potted up 33 of these, and will probably grab a number more. However, that still leaves far more plantlets than I can deal with. If someone wants to try 5 rooted/sprouted leaf pieces (some of the plantlets are larger than others) I'll send at least 5 sets to 5 people for postage, which is either $4 or $7.20 depending on whether they are sent First Class or Priority Mail. I would put the plantlets in small ziploc bags, and then figure out how to best package them from there.

The catch is that I would require people receiving them to post something--Begoinia leave(s), stem cuttings, plant(s) or seeds for postage in this thread at some point. I won't police it, so it's honor system, and people should feel free to ask that those who accept their offer also respond with an offer for postage, and so on, and so on....

This is what a larger plant of Begonia bogneri looks like in bloom. It's generally grown in a terrarium.

I'll probably add other species or hybrids as well.

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