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Anyone growing Purple Pillar hibiscus syriacus?

Rose of Sharon Purple Pillar aka 'Gandini Santiago'

I would love to see it in your garden if you are growing it.

I just ordered one for a small garden that called for some height but I didn't want a tree.


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  • 3 years ago
    last modified: 3 years ago

    I think I have seen a PP ROS in the drive thru of a Paneras Store near my home. Unfortunately, I cannot tell for sure it is a PP as there is no one I could ask for confirmation in that shopping center. It is several years old, easily above 6' but currently not in bloom. Then again, I do not have a way to take pics at the moment so oh well.... sigh :o( I am in Z7b/8a in north central Texas.

    popmama (Colorado, USDA z5) thanked luis_pr
  • 3 years ago

    A possible sighting! That's something I suppose. I ended up buying one. So we shall see.

  • last year

    Hey @popmama (Colorado, USDA z5) can you report back re this interesting hibiscus?

  • last year

    I should have taken a picture before we landed smack dab into winter. It's completely leafless now. This is the one I bought. I mail-ordered it and it came in a gallon pot. It was about 2' tall then.

    It is now over 5' tall. It has retained the pillar / narrow shape which I really like. It bloomed well this year.

    I like it so much I bought another one this year for the other side of my yard.

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