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Alkalinity leaching and treatment in hypertufa pots

Mathan Retik
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I've been on a tear for the past several days making hypertufa pots from varying combinations of white cement and coco fiber with perlite, beach sand, and sometimes red tuff or LECA balls. As the pots have piled up in their bags to cure, I've been reading up about the next steps from a few different sources.While the curing itself is straightforward enough to me having worked with concrete, I've come across lots of conflicting info about preventing lime from leaching into the soil after planting. Some guides don't mention it at all, some suggest mild washing and soaks or vinegar sprays, while some call for long term immersion and weathering on the scale of months.I'd love to hear how everyone treats their hypertufa pots before use and how long do you wait? Has anyone run into problems with soil alkalinity over time planting in hypertufa?

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