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Anyone use sulphur on their plants?

last year

I just watched a video on flat mites (as opposed to rotund mites I guess) posted by Doug Chamberland on youtube. He apparently sent some clippings to a woman, who replied to tell him that unbeknownst to him, he did in fact have flat mites. Apparently they were always there, but since his plants were healthy, they didn't do a lot of damage.

He said she recommended spraying with bonide sulphur, which he did. He posted a video afterwards and said that the growth on all his sprayed plants was amazing. Plants which hadn't grown or bloomed in years suddenly took off and are showing lots of growth and even producing peduncles.

Here is a link to the video (2) Flat Mites, Sulfur and a Tour of the Tents - YouTube

I figured what the heck, for $10 on amazon, why not try it. It can't hurt and it will certainly help if I do have anorexic mites! So I ordered a bottle. Now the question, has anyone sprayed this indoors? I dred removing all my hoyas outside after just getting them positioned on the shelves for the winter, but if it's warm out tomorrow and Saturday, I may do just that and give them all a decent spray. Do any of you know if this can be sprayed indoors? Will it stink loke a bunch of rotten eggs farting all over the house, or is the smell managable? I will also write to Doug to see what he says, but was curious if anyone has tried this.

Thanks folks. Stay well and keep enjoying those plants....

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