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Felting a wool sweater ?

I'm considering felting a wool sweater to make an extra cozy lining for a project.

I bought a man’s medium sized all-wool sweater in a thrift shop today. It’s what I’d consider a medium size knit stitch, very plain, no fancy details, raglan sleeves.

I’ve been looking up felting instructions online. I don’t know how much shrinkage to expect. Is there a way to predict? The body of the sweater looks ample – as long as it doesn’t shrink 50% or something. I thought of cutting off the sleeves ahead of time, and turning them into leg warmers (without felting them). So I’d be felting just the body of the sweater for my upcoming project.

I also bought an 82% wool skirt, densely woven (not knit) that has two layers. I thought of felting that too, and turning it into slippers, depending on whether the sweater or this skirt are more suitable for the main project.

So - can anyone give me any tips? Thanks.

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