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would love help planning out this new flower bed

Just expanded this flower bed when we added the walkway, the plants planted in it were from the previous bed, and I just got them back in the soil to survive. I went and bought some new plants today and would love help/opinions on what to place where. We still need to finish the other side of the walkway bed which is also being extended, so we can move stuff around if need be. If I need to purchase more or if anyone has anymore ideas I’d love to hear them. The bed is 13.5 feet on both straight edges. I’m horrible with placement of plants and spent way too many hours already at the nursery looking at plants and talking with the workers. Here is a view from each side of this bed along with the other side of the walkway prior to install of stone . The other side will extend out but not as far as this side to join the same rock border on along the walkway.We are replacing the metal posts with cedar and painting the concrete porch.

In the bed now I have some ice plants, some Cala Lillie’s, hens and chicks, sedum, creeping phlox, dianthus, yuka, mandevilla. I’m trying to keep the height of this bed a little lower height wise and add some height on the other side of the walkway but if it will look odd this way I’ll add in something taller.

Today I purchased for this bed the following:

1- English lavender
1- purpurea coneflower
2- forever purple coral bells
1- purple aster
1- terracotta yarrow
1- candy corn spiraea
2- saybrook gold junipers
1- sweet Kate spiderwort

Moss rose