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Nicole Simensky

I second @Lampsusa. I like to have a "ten minute tidy up" each evening where I catch up on dishes, vacuum a room, overall cleaning and organizing, whatever it may be. I've noticed this makes my weekend chores less daunting since I've kept up with it throughout the week. At the same time, I don't feel like my entire workweek evenings are spent doing chores and I can still find some time to relax.

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Toni McCormick

how to enjoy the hot, humid New Orleans days--we have our wonderful neighbor over for craft cocktails-and toast to Tales of the Cocktail! Since we're retired, we just put off chores for a more tolerable weather--as do most of our neighbors--working or retired--its SUMMER!

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Rubner's Nursery & Landscaping

A double tap will make your spot the most popular weekend hangout. Tap locks can be installed to keep the beer from flowing too freely. One of the taps could be for Rootbeer or other sodas.....Rootbeer Floats for everyone!

Lakeside Pavilion & Outdoor Kitchen · More Info


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