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Not everyone is blessed with a fine-tuned circadian rhythm that wakes them up as well as any digital alarm clock. That’s why most of us rely on our alarm clocks to signal the start of our day. Thanks to updated designs, we now have the option to wake up to sounds other than the loud screeching of a traditional wake-up alarm. A radio alarm clock or vibrating alarm clock is a great alternative that still manages to yank us out of our dreams.

Some people respond better to the brightness of dawn creeping over the horizon, and you can still experience this even with your curtains drawn tight with a light alarm clock. If you’re less concerned about the noise yours makes, a retro alarm clock looks pretty cool hanging out on your nightstand.

For some of us, however, the noise of the radio or a vibrating design simply isn’t enough. Instead we’re faced with a continuous battle of mind over matter when it comes to getting ourselves out of bed. Once we do, we look like we’re re-enacting one of the first scenes from the movie Shaun of the Dead — we do the zombie shuffle all the way out the door. Thankfully there are plenty of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, including styles like the sonic boom alarm clock which not only blasts you with an extremely loud buzzer, it shakes your bed, too. How’s that for a wake-up call?

Get up and at ‘em with ease each morning with one of our fun, retro or radio styles here on Houzz.

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