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I don't see the need to use a backsplash around the entire perimeter of the counter top. I have a formed back with about a 3" height all around including in behind the faucets and stove. My only concern is behind the stove elements and under the fan where there is heat and splashing from what is cooking. It is presently just painted, but it is not ideal. I would like to just tile or use something there for practical reason and still be a feature. I have thought of tiling, but where to end has always been a roadblock; Stainless Steel, but the upkeep can be tricky; or a beveled mirror? Any comments?

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So, I've just recently noticed that the old 3-4" backsplash that was really just a ledge of countertop material extended upwards, has been replaced by adding tile to the wall. I see from this article that's been going on awhile and I am slow to realize it. Since I "missed class that day", can someone kindly give me the Cliff Notes version as to why this happened. Was it to add an inch of counter depth? Was it to eliminate a distracting horizontal line? Was it to be more minimalist? Does the old way still have a fan club or a use like for a traditional kitchen? Or is the 4" backsplash recognized now as a useless thing that was done for long-forgotten reasons? I don't have a preference… Wait no I think I like the new trend. I'm just curious about the history. And by the way, when did it happen? What year?

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You can choose to stick it immediately kitchen backsplash,it's easy to installing.

Reflections Peel & Stick 3x12 Beveled Glass Mirror Subway Tile in Glossy Silver · More Info


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