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Example of a mid-sized eclectic girl medium tone wood floor kids' room design in New Orleans with beige walls
Thinkterior LLC
Thinkterior LLC
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Fairyland Bed (bed / crib)

Eclectic Kids, New Orleans

THEME Every element of this room evokes images from the Enchanted Forest. Tiny lights twinkle like fireflies; curtains swing from real tree limbs and sticker stones lay a pathway to the bed. Ceramic mushrooms and birdhouses are scattered throughout the room, creating perfect hiding spots for fairies, pixies and other magical friends. The dominant color of both bedroom and bathroom — a soft, feminine pink — creates a soothing, yet wondrous atmosphere. In the corner sits a large tree with a child-size door at the base, promising a child-size adventure on the other side. FOCUS Illuminated by two beautiful flower-shaped lamps, the six-footdiameter circular bed becomes the centerpiece of the room. Imitation bark on the bed’s exterior augments the room’s theme and makes it easy for a child to believe they have stepped out of the suburbs and into the forest. Three lily pads extending from tree bark serve as both steps to the bed and stools to sit on. Ready-made for princess parties and sleepovers, the bed easily accommodates two to three small children or an adult. Twelvefoot ceilings enhance the sense of openness, while soft lighting and comfy pillows make this a cozy reading and resting spot. STORAGE The shelves on the rear of the bed and the two compartments in the tree — one covered by a doubledoor, the other by a miniature door — supplement the storage capacity of the room’s giant closet without interrupting the theme. GROWTH The bed meets standard specifications for a baby crib, and can accommodate both children and adults. The railing is easily removed when baby girl becomes a “big girl,” and eventually, a teenager. SAFETY Rounded edges on all of the room’s furnishings help prevent nasty bumps, and lamps are positioned well out-of-reach of small children. The mattress is designed to fit snugly to meet current crib safety standards, while a 26-inch railing allows this bed to act as a safe, comfortable and fun play area.

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