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The best start-ups in Europe: France and Italy

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Startup industry is growing increasingly from year to year, and the trend to create their own projects has gripped the world. We have compiled a list of the most fun projects that are developed in Europe. We present you the most interesting start-up projects of Italy and France. Italy: music, food and business processes Italy has the status of a new high-tech center. This is not surprising, because in recent years, start-ups of Italian specialists are increasingly succeeding and attract the attention of the public. 1. Musixmatch is an application that displays lyrics on the smartphone screen. Founder is Max Chochola. The audience of the project is 30 million. The base has 7 million songs. Text is in 40 languages. The startup has already received investments from two venture capital funds. 2. Thefork is a start-up from Tripadvisor that contains information about food and the best restaurants in Italy. 3. Decisyon is a symbiosis of social networks and systems. It allows companies to coordinate the work of the team. The goal is an optimization of business processes. According to media reports, last year the company received an investment of $ 22 million from the American investment company. France: transportation and the Internet of things Earlier this year, France launched an initiative by which start-ups can apply for the selection and to get a visa to travel to the country. It helps in developing their business. This step is indicated in the country's interest in new companies and highly qualified specialists. Among the most interesting of the French start-up are projects that have been successful: 1. BlaBlaCar is a famous company that has almost become synonymous with the search for travel companions for the trip. A few weeks ago, the startup closed a new round of investment and attracted $ 200 million that will be spent on expansion in new markets. In general, for the 9 years of its existence BlaBlaCar bought eight companies and received funding of $ 335 million. 2. Actility is a company specializing in the Internet of things. Its main product is a platform ThingPark, designed to connect all kinds of organizations. The project was founded in Paris in 2010, and in June 2015 received an investment of $ 25 million from the fund Ginko Ventures. About the Author: Avan Dearthis a writer, whose articles are published in his own blog. He likes to make student’s life easier with the help of his academic articles atCourseworkServiceUK. He can write on completely various topics, especially on the newest technologies.

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