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Whether you’re shopping for girls’ room decor or boys’ room decor, keep your children’s interests in mind. What hobbies do they have? What do they love to do? Kids’ bedroom decor should encourage these things. Start early with a stimulating, colorful nursery, and expand on their passions as their personality emerges. As you browse through kids’ room decoration options, consider the following tips to help you choose the right items.

Storage and organization products can double as children’s room decor.

No doubt you’ll need to organize the ever-growing mass of toys and clothes. This doesn’t mean you have to use plain, boring boxes, though. Find playful, stylish bins or toy chests, fun wall hooks for their tiny coats and hats, and cute kids’ jewelry boxes to make sure all of their necessities have a home. Unique kids’ hampers can also be a great way to incorporate some cheerful decor into a kids’ room while keeping their dirty laundry off the floor.

Create kids’ decor by using a variety of textiles.

When choosing kids’ rugs, blankets and curtains for your child’s room, look for bold patterns and don’t be afraid to mix bright and dark colors. Pick out a range of textures (preferably ones that are soft to the touch) to create visual interest without going overboard on colors. Make sure to choose things that are easy to wash and keep clean (avoid whites!); textiles that hide stains will help lessen your loads of laundry. Above all else, comfort and safety are the most important things. Opt for hypoallergenic kids’ textiles that aren’t dyed with harsh chemicals to ensure the safety of your child.

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