Manu Nest King Hanging Chair
Manu Nest King Hanging Chair
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The MANU King Nest is a hanging chair like no other. The unique weaving technique used in the creation of MAFFAM FREEFORM products is extremely demanding and there is currently no technology available that allows for an automated manufacturing of this type of furniture, meaning that each piece is hand made from beginning to end, thus allowing for the emotions of the weaver to become part of the design. As a result, each design is unique, each piece of furniture is different and each lace pattern is irreproducible.

From its pod form and hanging design to its unique volcanic basalt construction, this chair is a design knockout. Basalt is a natural mineral compound that is light, durable, and has a higher tensile strength than carbon fiber. This chair's design features a sleek, modern teardrop pod with lacy basalt fiber detailing. The generous pod size is perfect for curling up or sharing with a loved one. It's a totally unique, artful seat for indoors and out.
Even if you’re surrounded by thousands of people talking restlessly and creating chaos, as long as you’re relaxing in the MANU Nest, you'll feel nothing but harmony, peace, and serenity. This basalt lace seashell is specifically made in a way that makes it perfect for meditation, self-exploration and energy rejuvenation.

Manu Nest King Hanging ChairBy Maffam
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  • Maffam Manu King Nest
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