Perito Moreno Large - Contemporary Wall Mirror With Lights
Perito Moreno Large - Contemporary Wall Mirror With Lights
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Contemporary / Modern Three Light Ambient Mirror - Perito Moreno Large - Lighting by Iris Design Studio Ltd. This bathroom wall mirror with lights is great as a vanity mirror, a make up mirror and as bathroom lighting. Inspiration: "Inspired by the South American glacier of the same name, which is clearly reflected in the stunning Lago Argentino, Perito Moreno holds up a mirror to nature. Just as the glacier is constantly breaking down and being renewed, so Perito Moreno brings about eternal rejuvenation for those using it. Pyrex glass is shaped to resemble half of a normal light bulb, and is then attached to a mirror surface, reflecting itself to create an intriguing design, and a virtual 'whole'. Which part is real, and which part is reflected? Is anything what it seems to be? As a light source exists within a light source, these very questions are raised through an elegant and original design that generates a powerful symbol of industrialisation. "
  • Manufactured by: Iris Design Studio Ltd
  • Merchant SKU: 5060307120103
  • Size in mm: 600 W 800 L 65 H
  • Size in ft: 31 1/2" x 2' x 2 1/2"
  • Bulbs: 3 X 20W 12V Halogen or LED Capsules
  • Certifications:cUL by ETL,CE
Perito Moreno Large - Contemporary Wall Mirror With Lights

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