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Our Chickens Eggs have a thick membrane

14 years ago

Hi, my family just started raising chickens. We have a Rhode Island and 5 Gold Star chickens. They lay about 1 egg each everyday. Nice brown medium sized eggs. The problem is that whenever we hard boil the eggs we can't get the shell off without taking half of the egg white with it. We have experimented with icing the eggs after boiling, different boiling times etc. to no avail. I have noticed that when cracking fresh eggs, the membrane that holds the egg shell together (the thin one you have to break through to get to the egg white and yolk) is rather thick. More so than the yucky mass produced white eggs from the grocery store. Anyone have any suggestions? I would really like to make nice looking deviled eggs without having to rip off half my egg whites. It looks like rats got to my eggs :).

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