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Tincture making instructions?

17 years ago

So I have a few of these nicemedicinals I'd like to make some tinctures from.... from what I read it is (usually) the best way to preserve the constitutants. How do you make a tincture? Any easy step by step instructions?

Do you have to heat the alchohol before you put the herbs in it? Also what is the usual ratio per flower or leaf or root to alchohol?

Do you steep in sunlight or in a dark place?

You usually use vodka right?

Do you mash the herbs before or after putting in vodka?

How long do you usually "steep"?

Is it best to use fresh or dried herbs?

Is it best to strain the herbs after steeping or just leave them in?

Thanks..... oh and p.s. where can you find those brown/glasss tincture or dropper bottles ? Any storefront places? (pharmacy or health food store? or other?) I know you can guy online..... Thanks. :)

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