Flowering Janet Craig?

January 12, 2009

I just noticed this little guy this morning. I swear it wasn't there yesterday. I had no idea that Janet Craig's would flower. FYI, that's dust on the plant leaf, not bugs, in case anyone wonders.... :-(


Comments (5)

  • birdsnblooms

    Jasdip..isn't it fragrant? Dracaenas send out flowers in mid-winter..Congrats..Toni

  • mr_subjunctive

    Cool. Any chance I could borrow this picture for my blog? I promise to include a photo credit and return it in similar condition.

  • Jasdip

    Hey Mr. Sub
    You can do whatever you like with my pic. I love your blog! That means my Janet will be famous!!!!
    Feel free to use my Roxie as well in my pics under the Winter, show me your pics thread! LOLOL

    Sorry for the huge picture....don't know why it came out so large.

  • november_17th

    Yeah, Corn plants get those same kind of flowers. I believe that the Janet Craig flowering is a pretty rare thing. Enjoy.

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Mr. subjunctive, when you use this image (great shot, by the way) you ought to photoshop the words: WASH ME on the leaves. lol

    Just kidding.

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