need tall narrow houseplant

11 years ago

Hello. I searched the entire forum but nothing quite answered this:

I need advice on a tall narrow plant that I can put inside a vestibule. The floor area I have to work with isn't large - the pot probably shouldn't be larger than 12 in. diameter. Max height between 4-6 feet. I would like to have a dish garden effect at the base of the main plant but don't want to compromise the rooting system or growth of the main attraction. I'd also like to be able to have one of the plants trellis onto the main one. I'm thinking of a palm provided I can keep it rather narrow. I have what I think is some sort of Palm or dracena (sp?), but can't find a photo online to identify. It's about 4ft tall w/ a 2 inch diameter trunk topped by soft compact frond growth rounded a little bigger than a basketball. Digital camera busted or I would send pic.

The vestibule will have moderate light but space limited due to inner door opening/closing and security sensor cannot be blocked.

Can I achieve all these things in one container? Can a jasmine be trellised into this? Any & all advice is welcomed!

Thanks - the newbie

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