Worx GT - has anyone using this weedeater, trimmer

13 years ago

I saw their infomercial over the weekend. Tempting to get one but... people said not to believe in everything they said in an infomercial.

Please give your feedback if you have use it.



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  • evacwegner_hotmail_com
    9 years ago

    I really loved the machine, but cannot afford to use it anymore. I have had it for 2 years and had to buy 2 batteries at about $74.oo each. I will not buy another battery at that price for one years use.

  • tripmabry_rocketmail_com
    9 years ago

    I have one of these pieces of junk, I got a fraction of use out of it last summer, maybe 3hrs total. It want cut anything like a football field.Maybe it will run 10 to 12 minutes. When I got the junky thing out this year it shows full charge after coming off the charger and it will run about 30 seconds. Stay away from this junk, it is all a bunch of hype.

  • Billross88_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    I foolishly bought one ofthese pieces of c**p. It won't hold a charge on either battery for more than 5 minutes. I gave away a smaller, cheaper Toro and it worked MUCH better. DON'T BUY ONE! And yes, I followed all manufacturer's direction on use and charging, 3" Bluegrass overwhelms this Junker.

  • aroux23_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    I tried it out and was not impressed. I think you can find plenty of other weed eaters for that price that will do a better job.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Weed Eater Reviews

  • mogpog1_sunflower_com
    9 years ago

    After reading the comments, I can see I was one of the taken one's! Battery does NOT hold a charge for more than 30 to 40 minutes when new. This spring started to use, would not hold a charge for more than 5 minutes. Love the trimmer as long as it is working but without a charged battery is a use less piece of equipment. I bought it thinking it would save on gas but now I need to go buy a trimmer I can use & depend on working when I need it. Sad that All the advertizing was False!

  • staparker77_aol_com
    9 years ago

    I will say that my husband bought this trimmer for me last year. It is definately not for any heavy duty use...more for edging and simple trimming. I have a very large yard and I don't always get done...however the battery DOES last about 30-45 minutes depending on how hot it is outside. The hotter it is, the shorted the battery life. If I am only doing my follow up trimming each week, then I don't have any problems. If I am doing the yard for the first time in the year or I haven't done it in a while, then it takes two charges.
    I do love the trimmer and it does do what it said on the infomercial though. With the price of gas, I can definitely see how this comes in handy!

  • holaly_aol_com
    9 years ago

    This is the perfect tool for lawns. I am not aware of any ads stating it is a weed eater. For grass trimming it has more than enough power. The wheels help you to get a sharp straight line.I had the old 18 volt nicd battery system but am looking forward to the new lithium battery system. I definitely recommend this unit.

  • kcarey07_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    I bought the 24volt weed trimmer and am very disatisfied, I have been trying to contact the company for over a month. It is not working properly and they will not answer the phone 1-866354-worx I have listened to their commercials for over ll hours. Sent them e-mail and 2 days later a female called me, put me on hold and then disconnected me. My next phone call is to the better business bureau!! Karen Carey Dos Palos, Ca.

  • pat9103_sbcglobal_net
    9 years ago

    actually the unit itself works great, its the battery however that will drive you crazy. The have sent me 3 in the past year and none of them have worked more that a few weeks before they die. You charge them, then 3 minutes later they are dead again. Would not suggest any one spend their money on it until the correct the problem with the batter. They claimed they had the problem resolved on the last battery by putting in some kind of computer chip, but the truth is it still doesn't work! Spend your money elsewhere

  • oklavette00_cox_net
    9 years ago

    I'm on the second battery, the first one didn't last the summer last year, so they sent me a new one. I think the temp in the garage was to hot so the battery failed. Now starting the next summer the battery won't hold a charge. I stored the battey in the winter in the house so it wouldn't get cold, but it won't work again. I wish I had bought a gas trimer like I used to have.

  • themadnewfie_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    just bought one this weekend (the 18v version was on sale @ Canadian Tire)

    it took maybe 35-40min to charge

    with some really long wet grass it did a great job of my whole yard (admittedly not a large space but still)

    aftr that i edged my driveway (which has more distance than that of my back yard) and was still going strong when i ran out of stuff to cut

    so far .. so good

  • Josephmorgan1_msn_com
    9 years ago

    I bought one last August and it worked like a dream. All kinds of power and really did a good job on the weeds. This year I tried to charge the battery and the charger will not work, the battery seems good, where do I get a new charger?

  • mac143_chartermi_net
    9 years ago

    I wish I had come across this posting last June. I watched the Infomercial for this trimmer several times and figured this would be a great trimmer. My yard is about 1/4 of an acre. When I got the trimmer I charged the battery per MFG instructions. I bought the 18V lithium ion battery with the 30 minute charger. I got 2 uses out of the battery then it would not hold a charge. I called Worx and they sent out a new battery pack. This pack looked like it had been through world war II. I called Worx and the rep stated they reuse the cases and assured me that the batteries were brand new inside. Again, I got 2 uses out of this battery pack also. Another call to Worx and the rep stated I wasn't charging it right......WTF??? put it on the charger....light turns red....30 minutes or so later...light turns green. I see nothing wrong with that. She stated that I was leaving it on the charger after the light turned green.

    Bottom line.....This trimmer is a piece of junk. I wonder if consumers report rated this thing. If they did, I hope they gave it poor ratings.

    Good Luck to all the recent purchasers of this trimmer. If I could offer some advice, take advantage of the money back guarantee now while you can.

  • shue3_aol_com
    9 years ago

    IT's a String Trimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like any other!!!! Their all the same!!!! OMG!!!! Trimmer - Edger....Seriously???? Just turn it the other way!!!! OMG!!! The free line they supply is sh*t!!!!! Go to Home Depot or whatever supply store and get better line!!!!!!

  • dickwaitt_aol_com
    9 years ago

    I bought one of these in August of 2010 at a local ACE hardware. For my use it's been great, I would recommend it for anyone with a small yard (ours is 85x120 with about 120 feet of walk and drive to edge). It is adjustable to use as a trimmer and as an edger - those items you see near the head are the wheels. In my case it does the work of edger and trimmer. Battery life per charge is entirely adequate. Line adjustment is automatic and so far works fine. We did have a problem with the lithium battery this spring in that it would not hold a charge after working fine last year. WORX is replacing the battery at no charge; mine is on the way by UPS as I write this. Trimmer cord comes prewound on spools; the advertised "free" means I paid about $6 in shipping and handling for a package of 6 reels. The empties can be re-wound with generic line if you choose (10' of .065 line fills a spool).

  • mlbarber3993_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    I just purchased the WorxGT yesterday. Fully charged the battery all night. This morning I decided to give it a try, my yard is around 1/8 of an acre (pretty small), I was impressed with the power considering its battery powered, however they advertise edging an entire football field on 1 charge. This is completely untrue I got halfway threw my yard and found myself out of battery life. For the $120 I paid next time I'll buy a conventional weedeater, lawn work it isn't exactly a favorite past time now its going to take up more of my time.

  • gcapeverde_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    I have read some of the comments and just previous to this I have ordered one and I am waiting for it to come. Hopefully it will be okay but if not I have a 30 day money back guarntee they gave me with a year warranty on the trimmer. I took the 18v but they also have avail an upgraded one The spools of reels they never told me I had to pay for shipping and handling but they gave it to me and I paid in full so I guess they won't be getting any further monies of line. They said it would take 5 to 7 days so I guess I will see then

  • Dj2798_att_net
    9 years ago

    We have one and it's been really good so far. It trims like it's supposed to and also isn't heavy to lug around. The battery charges fairly quickly, but I would recommend getting two just so you have one that's fully charged every time you want to use it. The free spools are nice, although be prepared to pay shipping and handling which I'm sure is where they make some more money off the people that have bought this. We like it a lot! And NO it isn't like all the other weed trimmers out there. We had a gas powered one which was WAY too heavy to lug all over our 1 acre yard and we've also had an electric one that wouldn't reach all over our yard. This was the perfect solution for us!

  • rdkitty_msn_com
    9 years ago

    I have never used a weedwacker before and my husband bought this one so we could both use it. I love it! Now he mows and I use the trimmer. It's light and no pull starting required! Just a push of a button and your off. Love the guide feature on it too. You put it down and use it along fences or flower beds and it prevents the line from wacking your flowers down but gets right next to them to trim the overflow of grass. The only bad thing is it is too short for my husband to use, extened all the way out it fits me very well. Overall I love it!

  • westfork_fuse_net
    9 years ago

    The trimmer works ok but the coustomer service is bad.
    It take for ever to get in touch with them, and the shipping also
    takes for ever,I Would not recomend the product because of this.

  • defwed_comcast_net
    9 years ago

    I was just looking for the WorxGT 800 number and stumbled upon this and thought I'd add my two cents.
    I've had this trimmer for three years now. My property is .45 acre, but I'm on a corner lot.
    In the FIRST year: I could not believe how great it was - it cut through almost everything, edged perfectly, was very lightweight, extremely easy to adjust height and from edger to trimmer, the battery lasted a good 30+ minutes, and you do get 6 spools per shipment with the S&H well under $10.
    However, in the second year, the battery power decreased significantly. This became very inconvenient as I couldn't even get a third of my property done before having to recharge. In addition (and this is tough to explain), by the end of the season, the plastic lip around the spool casing started to wear away, causing the line to cut on the jagged edge prematurely and too short.
    This season (third year), the battery power is so weak, I can't even get 5-10 minutes out of it � and I can only get 2-3 minutes of full power.
    I know that it's always a good idea to have a second battery with products like this, but if it's only going to last 1.5 years, what's the point?
    What a crash & burn: my rating of this product after the first year was 5 out of 5 stars. But now at the third year, it's worthless.

  • copedbka_aol_com
    9 years ago

    if you want to waste your money, spend hours on hold with customer service and still not get an answer, but you will get a recipe for iced tea and learn how to throw toilet paper on your neighbors trees. then this is the tool for you, its junk and i would love to see someone trim around 3 football fields in 1 charge, if you can trim around a miniture golf hole in 1 charge you got lucky. absolute lies they tell you and its a piece of s--t, so is the customer service

  • Sixcurt_aol_com
    9 years ago

    I have owned one since I fist saw it on TV. Four or more years ago. I am happy with the product and feel these negative responses unfair. I have had to order extra line once, they sent me seven or more spools for the shipping cost. Do you remember trying to find the right line for your Gas operated Machine or how to put it on (restring). Do you have a Double, Single, Want the blade, What size line, Etc., I have a garage full of wasted line for those. Do you remember how hard it was to start those two string gas/oil mix machines? How heavy they were. The vibrations/noise? Did they also have edgers built in? For a woman, older man, or anyone that is tired of pulling and pulling to start those, only to take it in to the shop to adjust what ever, I was. That WORX was fine for light trimming and edging, it won't take down a field. The first three spools of line lasted 4 years or more. It always started. Extra battery is highly recommended. My battery stopped taking a charge this year. It is being replaced because of battery life, too many times left out all winter. It is light weight and feels plastic cheap but does the job. My ex-wife has one too and she loves it for all the same reasons. If you can find that perfect gas powered, start 2-3 light pulls, balanced more powerful machine then by all means get that one, but if not get this machine. It is well worth the $ in the less aggravating to start and getting line for department. I never have to mix gas/oil again. It is not noisy. Two batteries a must. With two I have always been ready to stop trimming before it was. This is not a commercial grade machine but for ease of handling and no maintenance it can't be beat.

  • eriebay_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    THIS THING IS JUNK...Battery life is maybe 10 minutes..Just try to call the company and your on hold for hours..Remember 30 days return from the date you ordered, not from the date of delivery..You have to get a shipping label from them to return it but they dont answer your calls..I'am now in process of dealing with my credit card company, they assured me they will bring an end to this problem. Stay away from this company..

  • smithy_cpick_net
    9 years ago

    funny it is the same cost as the Ryobi one hmm trust an infomercial brand or Ryobi gee you do the math LOL

    Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot Ryobi Trimmer

  • jemgraham_wildblue_net
    9 years ago

    I would guess Worx will declare bankruptcy soon, so all of us suckers are stuck. Like most of you, I have a lithium battery problem, with absolutely no customer service response. I have wasted several hours on hold the past week. I called the second phone number listed on their web site, and a Pedro told me I had to call 866 354-9679, as his technical department didn't handle lithium battery problems.

  • abileah33_aol_com
    9 years ago

    I bought one last year and love it. Very easy to start. Lithium battery lasts plenty long (average size suburban yard) and charges in a flash. Adjustable length for different purposes, easy to edge walk ways with. I love not having to fight with pulling a cord, etc. I like push a button, it starts.

  • mrsg_hotmail_com
    9 years ago

    I'm in my 3rd year of owning one AND TOTALLY LOVE IT. In fact, I ordered 2 more as gifts and they love them. It's an amazing little machine. Now I see you can get them at Sears and Home Depot.

  • rander46_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    I have two and have used the first one for five years. I have two acres of steep hillside and it is perfect. It is not for thick woody growths but it is light weight and I get a half hour of use out of a battery. I have three batteries and if I replace it immediately on the charger can work as long as I like. Easy to replace line spools which I order online. After owning many gas and electric trimmers over decades I have found this the most user friendly. Not powerful enough for six foot tall
    weeds and thistles but perfect for most jobs.

  • Ailsa19_verizon_net
    9 years ago

    Don't waste your money. I got everything and if you can charge the battery it is good, but it only works for about 30-40 minutes. You can't trim a stadium nor half your yard. It really sucks. Now none of my batteries will charge because the charger doesn't work. I have tried for days to get hold of them but can't. If my husband didn't tear up the box it came in I would have sent it right back for a refund. Don't bother with it , they only tell you lies on the ad, none of the ad is truthful. Go to Sears or any other store and buy your lawn tools, at least you can go to the store to return it if it doesn't work. I have the whole package and no way to operate them because of the charger, and before all of this the first battery wouldn't hold a charge. This company is nothing but LIERS.

  • jevadeva_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    I concur with Faye. Though I like the tool when it works, after only a year the battery will not hold a charge. Not sure if it is the battery or the charger.

  • joealberth_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    I just cancelled my transaction. Waited for an hour for service but I saved $120.00. The worx is not ergonomic. I am a healthy man but i didn't like all the weight being on the front of the trimmer. The battery does not weigh enough to offset the strain on my back.Also, short battery life, the line not advanceing properly, and not enough power for big jobs. If you still want to buy a worx,Sears sells them and usually has them on sale. You save the shipping cost and you can buy the 24v with two batteries for the price of an 18v plus shipping on the infomercial.

  • howferg_fuse_net
    9 years ago

    I just recieved the worxGT trimmer , and very disappointed ,didn't expect it to work like a gas power ,but for the money and the advertisment it doesn't work. SPOOL line kept breaking in the housing had to pick around to find it , 24 V only run for 30 min . line would cut below the cutoff point after quick use , line did not ever feed automatic , all these are used as selling points sending it back

  • val_gatehouse_q_com
    9 years ago

    I have a Worx trimmer and have used it for about a year now. I like the lite weight of it and the convenience of it. My two biggest concerns are: 1. Getting the replacement spool of trimming line.... you have to call and have them shipped to you. Shipping is fast but if you don't plan ahead your dead in the water. I can't find the spools for sale locally and the shipping is high. 2. The ad states that you can trim a football field with one charging of the battery.....must be a small football field that they are trimming, because I can't trim my yard with one charged battery! My yard isn't huge but I trim my front yard and then have to charge the battery before doing the back yard. Other than these two items, I like the unit and would buy it again. Fast, lite-weight and convenient.

  • victoryomn_aol_com
    9 years ago

    Saw the infommercial at the end of last summer and purchased the then only 18 volt trimmer. It is light weight and cuts well. The battery life was not near what was advertised, but I have a small yard so it wasnt a big problem. I used it 4 times last summer. Now I dusted it off and used it the first time after charging it and the battery ran down in less than 5 minutes. i charged it again, all the indicator lights on charger worked fine. After it shown charged, I used it again, with the same results. Battery ran down in less than 5 minutes. I have contacted the company an am waiting on a response. If i had it to do over again, i would have purchased the 24 volt black and decker weed trimmer because of the superior drive train and the extra power button. Thats my experience with the Worx GT. Not a good one.

  • maikocriston_comcast_net
    9 years ago

    I bought one and I could not be happier. Is light and does a better job than any trimmer I have ever owned, and I'm 66 years old. the only thing about it is, you have to have an extra battery if you have a big yard, and don't want to wait for a recharge.

  • borch1_telusplanet_net
    9 years ago

    This Worx trimmer / edger is a joke. The edger does not work at all along concrete sidewalks. This unit is not well built, the on/off switch crapped out after 4-5 uses. Any attempt to obtain warranty on line or by phone is a joke. I know better than to purchase items from infomercials, but stupid enough to do it anyway.

  • garlic_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    Hi -- I bought one and it works fine but I've been frustrated because you can't pop the spool encasing off. I have remay in my yard and nets around my blueberries and no matter how careful I am, each time I use it, something gets caught and jams it up. Seems like a design flaw to me that you can't just pop off the spook casing to untangle the shaft. I'm going to see if I can get a refund and keep looking.

  • garlicmountain_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    Hi -- I bought one and it works fine but I've been frustrated because you can't pop the spool encasing off. I have remay in my yard and nets around my blueberries and no matter how careful I am, each time I use it, something gets caught and jams it up. Seems like a design flaw to me that you can't just pop off the spook casing to untangle the shaft. I'm going to see if I can get a refund and keep looking.

  • wilbur4647_hotmail_com
    9 years ago

    The batteries are juck they dobt last long on a charge and that with the so-called speed charger do not buy.

  • robk1966_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    I have had a Worx GT for about 3 years now, and I really like it with only 2 complaints: low battery life, and I have to keep replacing the spool cap. Other than that, it does quite well.

  • iputchristfirst_2001_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    I love it. I bought two batteries and, they don't last like an electric one, but duh! I am 4' 11" and tiny and this is very easy to use and very easy to adjust after my much taller husband uses it. I'm actually here to buy my ailing mother one. I know she will be able to use it and will love it. Does it clear a, but it isn't meant to clear 2" thick weeds. Its for your house.

  • savaneo_aol_com
    9 years ago

    Yes, I have one and love it. Best tool I have. Charges quickly and hold chargefor a long time. Works well in both operations. would highly recommend it.

  • carlson625_aol_com
    9 years ago

    DO not buy this junk the battery does not last I have a very small yard and now after 5 uses, the battery does not charge at all.

  • shechild22_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    I have had mine about 2 years. Main reason I decided on this one is its size and weight. I am a female with some back problems, so I needed something like this. I haven't had any problems with my battery charging yet, but I do know it will fade over time. I am sure to keep the battery stored in my home away from extreme temperatures so maybe that is why it has lasted so long.(I don't overcharge either) It works well for me. I use it to trim up against my home where the lawn mower can't reach. What I really like is not having to deal with oil/gas mixing and pulling a string to start. I push the button and hold the handle and it fires right up.

  • bobnpat748_verizon_net
    9 years ago

    My hubby bought me the WORX GT 4 years ago and I love it. Edging is quick and easy. After 3 years of using it, my batteries lost their memory so I had to reset the memory and it's back to working again. The only "con" that we have found is that it's impossible to find a new charger for it. We have been looking for a new one for about six months now. My hubby sprayed ant spray in the charger because it was loaded with ants. This is why we need another charger for it. I love my WORX GT.

  • petscanning_gmail_com
    8 years ago

    I have the 24v mower and have had it for 2 years and I love it. I charge mine with my solar panels and do a few yards on the side and it goes forever. I use a ryobi lithium 18v weedeater and it does a good job as well plus i can use the batteries for my drills. 2 thumbs up for mower dont know about trimmer

  • Madeline Kerr
    5 years ago

    I have had mine for a couple of years and I really like it. It is easy to edge driveways and sidewalks because it rolls along instead of you having to hold it steady enough to cut a straight line. I never could use my other weed eater for that. I love the self threading feature. I will bet that the negative reviews were all people who have never used one.

  • HU-8001624172
    2 years ago

    I had one of these and I gave it to my son. I went ahead and bought me one. I love them. They work really great. They hold a charge and cut just about everything I need to cut! My son has since moved and doesn't need the cutter so I ask for it back. I am thrilled that I don't have to do oil and gas.

  • ssewalk1
    2 years ago

    Their garbage , so many complaints they have been discontinued !