Is it best not to ever burn green wood 'Period'?

10 years ago

Is it best not to ever burn green wood "Period"? At times, I would put in some 3-4" dia green oak (from recent tree trimmings) with fast burning dry oak vs seasoned to get a bed of coals. At times, I would put in larger 8-12" not fully seasoned logs in late in a bed of coals to burn until the next morning. From cleaning my chimney yearly it has been a mess some years and hardly need cleaning some (maybe due to my yearly sources).

In my opinion, "it has always been just soot vs creosote that would easily brush off". How can I test the soot to know its not creosote? OR! Does all soot include creosote? In my opinion, "creosote is a glaze that will not easily brush off". ItÂs coming to me, that not consistently burning dry or seasoned oak vs green oak might be the excessive cleaning problem. The worst is at the top or cap of the 2, 30" sections (5Â of stainless 14" ID pipe and cap). I burn what I can find vs purchasing wood. Natural Gas Central Heat is our primary source of heat. My wife has begged that the gas is cheaper, less work and cleaning "But Not Feeling"!. Thanks for your info. loger

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