Crepe Myrtle Removal

8 years ago

We have a problem crepe myrtle in our front yard that was planted long before we moved into our house. It was a very big beautiful tree, but unfortunately who ever planted it put it within a few feet of the driveway and house. We had to have it cut down to prevent further damage to the house, this was done a few years ago. Long story short, we had a nightmare of a time with the company that took it out, they said they would remove the root ball, but all they did was cover it in mulch.

Over the last few years, we have tried drilling holes into the stump and main roots and filling with a root killer (don't remember the name but it was a white powder) we practically covered it in salt, sprayed it over and over with weed killers and even went as far as to dump a jug of bleach onto it.

I know these trees can be nightmares to get rid of, but has anyone killed one off successfully? Digging it out isn't an option as some of the roots go under the driveway as well as the house. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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