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Help! Citrus leaf miners ......

June 24, 2005

Hi, What is the best way to stop citrus leaf miners that are attacking the new growth on my grapefruit tree? I was so happy that this newly planted tree was sprouting new leaves on every branch.....and now I went out there tonight and saw this squiggles on the back of the leaves and leaves rolling at the edges. I checked on immages and it is exactly what I have. What do I do to stop them before they get all the new leaves? I did spray the new growth with a hand held bottled pyrethrin spray, but what if anything else would work? Dam things live inside the leaves but cannot use systemic on an edible fruit tree. Anyone have the answer? Millet? You seem to have answers to all issues with citrus. What is your thought on this? Anyone have a successful treatment? Thanks, Lesley

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