Haworthia? Gasteria?

November 19, 2007

This plant has been talking to me at work for a while, and I finally gave in today and bought it. I'd been under the assumption that it was probably a Gasteria, but now that I check it out more carefully, I'm thinking maybe it's something else.

The color is more accurate in the second picture.

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  • dufflebag2002

    I can't bring up the picture. Decribe you plant the best as you can in detail. Paint me a picture with words. How many leaves, are they pointed, are you able to see through the tips, how big, most are all green, any hairs on them? Any thing else that may be of interest. Do they look like tongues, or star fish, small rosettes, pointed stars, spots on the tongues, I think then the group will jump in and tell you what you have, at least the species, not its variety, form, hybrid? I collect both of these species. Norma

  • mr_subjunctive

    I was hoping I could just upload pictures to Blogger without making an actual public post about it, but apparently not. See if this works any better. If not, I'll describe.

  • bambi_too

    Here is a link! It looks like Gasteria to me, but it could be a Haworthia.

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • boydsagardener

    Certainly, others know more about these plants than me, but when it blooms you'll know for sure. The gasteria flowers hang like a stomach from the flower stalk (and that's called something else in the cacti/succulent world). :-)

  • rjm710

    Most likely a Gasteria. It looks like what is known as Gasteria 'pseudonigricans'. I consider this one a cultivar, as there is no valid species with this name. My guess is that this form is unlikely to flower. Enjoy it! It will probably offset well for you (keep it on the dry side), allowing you to cultivate it for the greenhouse.

  • mr_subjunctive


    Glad you said that. I just found a bunch of pictures through Webshots and was leaning toward pseudonigricans, so I'm pretty much satisfied that that's the one I've got.

    All hail the hive mind!

  • pirate_girl

    I was able to see it thru the cut & paste & the link by Bambi, but not the link by Mr. S.

    I'm pretty sure Gasteria as well, but don't know it's name. I have something like it, which is quite ugly to me, I privately think of it as the Bulldog of Gasterias, at least of mine, ugly but cool.

    Interesting looking, should be fun for you to watch it grow, cool looking plant.

  • dufflebag2002

    Ray I think you are right, and it may be a hybrid, 'White Wings' or 'Angel Wings' same plant I just can't remember the name. Norma

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