Are these flowers edible?

16 years ago

Hi, I've got some foodie-event cooking planned this weekend and the requirement is that we use edible flowers (along with a couple other ingredients). I've got a bunch of flowers that are still in bloom (a lot are done already) -- but I'm not sure if all of these are edible -- help, please?

I've got

- chrysanthemum segetum

- alcea rosea

- petunia

- bachelor's buttons

- scarlet runner bean

- snapdragon

- showy evening primrose

- echinacea

- pansies

I guess my main questions are:

are these edible,

*have you actually eaten them* -- and not gotten sick LOL,

and do you have any favorite recipes?

I also have marigolds and a few nastys left and will default to using those if any of the above are not edible.

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