Easy plants from seed to start a small business?

12 years ago

Hello all. I'm not a professional but please be patient with me. I have a spinal cord injury so it is not easy for me to find a full time job. But I do love gardening and saw in the local classifieds a new listing for plants. So I was thinking I could start small, maybe with one type of plant and put in a listing and see if I get any sales.

I am hoping to grow something that is easy and beautiful. Right now since I do have the seeds I am considering blanket flower, milkeed and dwarf poiciena.

Blanket flower is so easy to grow and has beautiful flowers and is a definite choice but I'm not sure of it's life span and would not want to sell a plant that dies after a year. Any information on this choice is appreciated.

I planted 4 dwarf poiciena seeds and they all sprouted very quickly and the blooms are beautiful so I think it could be a good choice.

I can also get many coral vine and lantana seeds if I wanted to try them.

Anyway, I appreciate any suggestions and help on my idea.

Also I want to say I really do love gardening and it's not about money, just that I need it for bills.

Thank you again!


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