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Warning: Dawn and Joy Detergent

13 years ago

Everybody already knows not to mix bleach and ammonia right?

My mother knows this too. What she did not know is that both Dawn and Joy contain ammonia. She does not read labels on things she buys even though I try to tell her this is always important.

She has been complaining recently of her voice going squeeky occasionally and not feeling right. During this past holiday she had the squeeky voice again. She said something about how she was "just cleaning the kitchen" and her voice went. I asked her if she had sprayed any cleanser, thinking she had inhaled something bad. She said "No".

Later in the kitchen my eyes started burning. My throat started burning. My lungs burned. I asked her if she had sprayed some sort of cleaning product around. Again she said "No". I couldn't stay in the room it was so bad for me. Something was wrong. She thought I was nuts.

Then I found out that she was soaking the roaster pan with what she said was "dish soap and bleach" to cut the grease. She was always a loyal Palmolive user. A light bulb went off and I asked her if she used Dawn. I told her Dawn has ammonia in it and it says right on the bottle not to mix with bleach. No, she said she used Joy. I did not know anything about Joy. I subsequently went home and looked it up using the Internet and found that it does contain ammonia. I called her. NOW, she decides to read the bottle and says "Oh. It does say on the bottle not to use with bleach." Geesh.

Mixing bleach and ammonia is dangerous and people have died from doing it. She could have killed us all with the fumes.

I got no apology from her for thinking I was nuts for my burning eyes and throat. Yeah, a real drama queen I am.

I am not saying that Dawn or Joy are bad products. I am just advising people to READ the labels, even on "simple" products like dish detergent so that they can be used properly. I'm sure that my mother is not the only one who has made this mistake.

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