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child lock stuck on my lg washer?

14 years ago

I have the LG Tromm Steamwasher (Model WM2487HWM) and I am getting an error code of CL. Googling around I found that it means the Child Lock feature is engaged. The problem is getting it to DISENGAGE.

LG's site says to push and hold the Tub Clean/Child Lock button for 3 seconds to clear it. It doesn't work. That stupid feature is STILL engaged. I read that the Temp/option buttons should be pushed at the same time but that doesn't apply to my model (I don't think) as I have neither of those buttons. I'm frustrated and at a loss. How the heck do I get that code to clear? I did search before posting this but couldn't find anything in this forum related to my specific problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

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