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Male and Female Cats- Attraction Question?

15 years ago

Can a male un-neutered cat be attracted to a female spayed cat?

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  • sylviatexas1
    15 years ago

    good question!

    I don't know that "attracted" is the word I'd use.

    Since most animals are sexually attracted only when the female is in estrus/heat, it probably isn't sexual attraction.

    If she's a newcomer to the household, or if he's a bossy/dominant male, he may be mounting her to show dominance (I have a neutered male dog who sometimes mounts other dogs & even the occasional cat).

    or she may smell "funny" if she has a urinary tract infection, which means she needs to go to the vet for medicine.

  • runsnwalken
    15 years ago

    Agree, Fixing removes all drive and all the problems surounding it.

    Why do you ask?

  • olyagrove
    15 years ago

    I frequently get "visitors" who are all after my long-since-spayed kitty Lovebug. All who show up get a spa treatment (neuter and vaccinate) and released back
    But yes, an un-neutered male will spend some time following a spayed female, until he figures out it is a useless route to pursue


  • gracie-2006
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Thank you Olya! So when strays come your way you take them to get neutered and vaccinated! That is wonderful! Do you catch them in a crate? I have not seen the male cat for a couple of days now. He really needs a bath as well. Do you feed the strays when you bring them back?

  • olyagrove
    15 years ago

    I have a "full blown operation" going on :)
    I am part of two organizations in Tampa: ACT Tampa and Humane Society of Tampabay. I have traps (8) that we use for trapping ferals.
    HSTB offers a wonderful program - Feral Cat Program. A caregiver pays, depending on the grant available, anywhere between 25 and 10 for spay or neuter, vaccination and deworming. Test is not mandatory and is a bit extra. Right now, it is 10 per cat, so we trapping like crazy
    We trap in apartment complexes, etc. If a cat shows up in my yard and gets trapped, if he stays, I will certainly continue feeding him or her. I have 3 in the yard that I feed, and 10 inside.

    Good luck!

  • handymac
    15 years ago

    You mean you are part of organizations that actually DO something about the stray problem instead of blathering about to politicians for maney to blather to people about how people are the problem?

    Imagine that! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Would you do something for me? Send me some information about those programs? Or is that info available online at their websires?

  • olyagrove
    15 years ago

    Let me think...

    We are all volunteers, and it seems like there are quite a few of us in Tampa
    Let me search for some info
    I volunteer once a month at the event called SpayDay. The whole event is run by volunteers: vets, vets techs, etc.
    People rent out traps, trap cats in their yards, etc - price is between 25 and 10, depending on grants available. If no grants are available, it is 25.

    Here is some info on FCP at HSTB

    Even more good info on HSTB program

    It all boils down to people, however, willing to take their time, spend a bit of money and get cats they feed fixed. I routinely get emails/calls from people asking for help to do TNR - especially now, as in Florida, kitten season is coming up.
    My friend and I often help trap. We recover the cats for one or two days and release them back.
    My friend maintains 4 colonies - she feeds and waters every day, about 50-60 cats. All fixed, and a new cat that shows up get S/N

    At 10 per cat, as it is right now, it is not too hard to do TNR financially. People donate, and whenever we are tight on money (my friend and I), HSTB helps out - they allocate donations for feral cats to help out trappers who do a lot of trapping (we did 12 last weekend!)

    The most knowledgeable person is Frank Hamilton - he is a retired economics professor, who now runs ACT clinic with his wife. Wealth of info - he goes to different feral cat conferences, knows all the literature there is to read about it...If anyone needs more info, I can get you his email address
    OR, you can contact ACT clinic, ATTN: Frank Hamilton

  • runsnwalken
    15 years ago

    this is wonderful I like hearing about stuff like this.

  • Nancy
    15 years ago

    What a great thing to do. If neutering were made so reasonable here, I would try that to a few local cats. Last time I used the spay/neuter program was about $60. I don't have a real problem usually because my cats only go outside on warm days & they just hang out on my front porch. Each spring & fall though, one tom comes around, usually at night. He gets really nasty if he catches my male cat outside. Has a collar but I've been tempted to get him fixed.

  • cheryl_p
    15 years ago

    Thanks for the info; I am going to look further into this. I know that Meghane has mentioned Spay Day (or something like that) is done where she is and boy, I'd like to see something like it in my city. Please pass on anymore information you can as you think of it?