accessorizing bed with quilt

April 4, 2009

My MIL slaved for a year making a quilt for our king bed.(a surprise gift from her) The top side of the quilt is a cream color with a pattern called Welch Beauty. The underside is a toile. Along the sides is a 6 inch wide band in forest green. The toile is also a forest green as is the stitching on the cream side.

She has some of the toile material left and asked me if I wanted some pillows made. Of course I said yes since I have absolutely nothing that matches the forest green. (unfortunately, I'm not a fan of forest green)

I started a thread a couple days ago about pillows for a king bed but I figure that it will give you a better understanding if I post a few pictures.

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  • hondagirl

    Having some technical problems......didn't want to post yet........hit the wrong button, sorry. I'm trying to load some pictures.

  • hondagirl

    Any ideas on how to accessorize? Could I add another color? Please help.

    Toile side

    Cream side

    closer view of toile

    closer view of cream side

  • brutuses

    copy the html code, that's the 3rd one down under the photo. Run your curser over the photo you want to copy and the options will come up. copy and paste the 3rd. one down.

  • brutuses

    Ooops, I was late, you did it.

    It is beautiful. What a wonderful gift. What does the rest of your room look like? What is the wall color, rugs, curtains, etc? You definitely could use an accent color but I can't recommend one without knowing what else is in the room.

  • hondagirl

    The rest of the room is pretty neutral.....hardwood floors & just white sheers on the window. The walls are painted BM abington putty HC-99 .

    So I'm wide open......

  • artlover13060

    That is a gorgeous quilt. Too bad she didn't ask about you favorite colors before making it. As far as colors go, the compliment of green is red, so a dark red/burgundy would be beautiful but may tend to look too Christmasy for your taste. Forest green and certain shades of blue are also pretty together. Not sure what shade of blue to recommend, though.

  • eandhl

    What a beautiful piece of art work, lucky you that you have such a talented MIL. In addition to above some shades of light blue go with forest green. Putty or a darker shade of khaki.

  • Oakley

    I bought a couple of these throw pillows from Target not long ago. They're not the same toile pattern, but you could do a google search on either toile throw pillows or better yet, toile shams. You'll get a lot of results. Trust me. lol

    Here is a link that might be useful: Red Toile Pillow

  • bbstx

    How about some pillow like these:

    Do 3 euroshams in the same cream as the front of the quilt and trim them with green in the same shade as the toile. Then make two smaller pillows the same and monogram them in the dark green. Perhaps a neckroll pillow in the toile. Do you have a bench in the room that could be recovered in the toile? A chair that could have a toile lumbar pillow? Tailored toile bedskirt?

    btw, this is NOT my home. But that it were! It is an inspiration photo.

  • brutuses

    I'm leaning toward red for the accent color. Oh my that would be gorgeous!! I still can't get over that quilt. It's so beautiful.

  • mpwdmom

    Another vote for red...just make sure it's not too orangey, and not to purple either, if that makes sense.

  • oceanna

    Hondagirl, you are so lucky! That quilt is breathtaking. Can you even imagine the hours and hours of eye-crossing, finger-spoking, back-and-neck-straining work that went into that beauty? How does one say "thank you" for such an incredible gift from the heart?

    Because it's white, you can really accessorize it with about any color you want. I love the pillows on the bed in the brown room posted above. If those pillows were created with a green band to match the green on the quilt it would be perfect. But I also love green and red together. Or green and blue. I think as long as you contrast, you can't go too wrong.

  • hondagirl

    Yes, oceanna, you're right, MIL did spent many, many hours of "eye-crossing, finger-spoking, back-and-neck-straining work". Are you a quilter by any chance?

    Thank you oakleyok for posting that link and bbstx for that gorgeous inspiration picture and suggestions. (I'm going to save it as well.) Artlover, I also like the idea of a dark red/burgandy. I'll have to go and check it out. I hadn't thought of blue at all, but it's an idea.

    What do you think about 3 euro pillows in the toile at the back? Is that too much toile? I'm not even sure how much material my MIL has left but we're going to her place today so I'll find out.

  • nanabb

    Could you just fold down your sheet to cover the green border? Your choices of accent colors and pillows would be wider. We were in the process of selling our house and I used an extra sheet, ironed and folded lengthwise, to lay across the top of mine so I could be ready for showings at anytime.

  • bbstx

    hondagirl, I think toile euro shams would look great. But I am a toile junkie, and to paraphrase the old Barbara Mandrell song, I was toile when toile wasn't cool.

    I looked back at your initial photograph and it looks like the bed the quilt is on is contemporary. The euro shams would hide the contemporary headboard.

    Tell your MIL that we are all jealous of your having such a fine piece of needlework. The time and effort that went into it truly speaks of love for a dying art, not to mention love for the recipient of such a beautiful piece.

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