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finished cherry kitchen with stone

14 years ago

I cant believe I am actually submitting my kitchen. Thanks to all who have answered questions, Bill Vincent, for all your grout advice. Jamielo, (you were my original inspiration) and Elizpiz, your backsplash blew my mind. Our house is 1950's so if anyone remembers the original mint green tile and black linoleum. Sorry no before pics We kept the original kitchen footprint but knocked the wall out that faces the kitchen table (it was a small doorway) now the fun stuff

Cherry inset cabinets with natural finish

Uba Tuba granite

AZ Tile stacked stone backsplash in Golden Gate (took 9 months to pick out but glad I didn't settle I found exactly what I envisioned)

red oak floor to match original throughout the house

Kohler Simplice faucet

Ticor sink

Maytag french door fridge

Kobe 30" range hood

Miele double ovens

Thermador 5 burner cooktop

Miele Incognito dishwasher

Amerock Forgings foursquare pulls and knobs (thanks Jamielo)

Bed Bath and Beyond stools

undercabinet and recessed lighting

Comments (43)

  • clergychick
    14 years ago

    Just beautiful -- everything in particular and everything in harmony together. Truly lovely. Congratulations on a wonderful space.

  • sochi
    14 years ago

    Beautiful, classy kitchen. I love the natural cherry, gorgeous wood. The pantry is a dream, and of course the backsplash! Love it, love it!

  • julie94062
    14 years ago

    Isn't it wonderful having your vision come to life? I love how everything works so well together. The stacked stone backsplash is perfect. Glad you waited for it!

  • tateland
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Hyperlink to Photos:
    Click Here

    Here is a link that might be useful: finished cherry kitchen with stone

  • susanlynn2012
    14 years ago

    I agree with sochi, that your kitchen is beautiful and classy. I love the beautiful cherry wood used, the rich looking granite, the gorgeous backspash, the wood floors, and the stainless steel appliances. Thanks for sharing.

  • bmorepanic
    14 years ago

    Wonderful looking cabinetry. Enjoy!

  • prill
    14 years ago

    Everything is beautiful! Love your cabinets, the cherry and the style is lovely.
    The backsplash fits pefectly. You did a wonderful job.

  • doraville
    14 years ago

    I love that stacked stone backsplash! I'm glad you waited. Beautiful kitchen!

  • pudgybaby
    14 years ago

    Just gorgeous!

    Your cabinets are stunning - I think you've shown natural cherry at it's finest. And the backsplash is perfect. You have great natural light.

    Is that a pull-out landing space under your microwave in the pantry - great idea!

    My choices are similar - I can only hope my kitchen is so beautiful. What is your paint color? How high are your ceilings?


  • sabjimata
    14 years ago

    Extremely warm and lovely! Great choices. I especially like that you are matchy with your floor and cabinets. I love that look. Enjoy a job well done!

  • jsweenc
    14 years ago

    Congratulations, tateland! That is a beautiful kitchen, and for some reason it makes me want to jump on a plane and head to Colorado. The wood, stone and SS have a stunning effect! My favorite detail is the card-sized drawers. Are those for recipes?

  • Circus Peanut
    14 years ago

    Oh, that's nice. Selfishly, I'm so pleased to see a warm cabinet/warm floor combination -- you have the same cherry flat & shaker drawer fronts I have, which I absolutely adore. How do you like your iMac station?

    Here's a quick taste to encourage folks to use the links above:

  • zeebee
    14 years ago

    Wonderful job. I love the warmth in your choice of colors and materials. That backsplash was worth waiting for! I also think your granite is a good balance for the stone in the backsplash - did you go with a thicker-than-normal slab? It looks substantial.

  • bostonpam
    14 years ago

    Beautiful! I love your cherry cabinets, your gorgeous backsplash and your cabinet hardware.

  • tracey_b
    14 years ago

    Very pretty! My cherry cabs will be a tad bit darker, but I'm thinking of granite sort of like yours, so it's nice to see another kitchen done like that. I love the backsplash too; kept a pic of it for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • jakabedy
    14 years ago

    Beautiful. The grain of the wood in the cabinets is gorgeous and your finishes work together very well.

  • katsmah
    14 years ago

    Beautiful kitchen. I love the natural cherry cabinets and your backsplash.

  • gsciencechick
    14 years ago

    Ooh, very nice! Your backsplash is a perfect match!

  • rookie_2010
    14 years ago

    Oh wow, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm drooling over the backsplash!

  • honorbiltkit
    14 years ago

    Beautiful + livable = perfect. Congratulations.

  • sumnerfan
    14 years ago

    I love the backsplash. It's a lovely serene space.

  • tateland
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Thanks for the compliments I am glad everyone likes it as much as we do.

    circuspeanut: We love the iMac computer! DH's idea We use it as a stereo too with rockin M-Audio speakers! it also has the eyetv feature so I have TV in the kitchen. Every decision was made with the thought that this is our home that we will retire in.

    ZeeBee: the granite is 2cm thick they double it here in CA

    Pudgybaby: Home Depot Behr paint in Expediton Kkaki, ceilings are 8'

  • cat_mom
    14 years ago

    It looks beautiful!!!

  • eastbaymom
    14 years ago

    Oh, Shaker is my favorite style, and it looks fantastic with the wood floor!

    I have looked at that AZ tile golden granite with longing at the showroom near us, and your kitchen makes it really glow.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. They are going right into my inspiration folder!

  • swspitfire
    14 years ago

    Beautiful. Your backsplash was worth the search. I am putting it in my inspiration file next to Elizpiz's.

    My choices are similar - I can only hope my kitchen looks half as good as yours!

  • sw_in_austin
    14 years ago

    Really lovely. Those cabinets are perfect, simple and rich at the same time.Congratulations.

  • warmfridge
    14 years ago

    Really, really, really love your kitchen!

  • flwrs_n_co
    14 years ago

    Great kitchen! It all works so well together and looks like an ideal space in which to cook a fantastic meal! May I ask what brand you cabs are? They're beautiful--so classic & warm.

    Thanks so much for sharing and congrats!

  • vampiressrn
    14 years ago

    Beautiful and I really love the back splash too. I am so glad that you posted your desk will inspire me as I changed mine out, but am going back to using it as a desk. Your desk area blends in well with the rest of your room. GREAT JOB!!!

  • autumngal
    14 years ago

    Stunning! I especially love your handles and pulls, they are beautiful, your desk area is inspiring. Thank you so much for posting, it's wonderful! Enjoy it!

  • rhome410
    14 years ago

    Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful!! I love cherry...Can you tell? Great appliances and pantry, too! Have fun and enjoy. You just might have trouble deciding between cooking on the powerful stove, using those amazing ovens, or just gazing at the beauty around you. ;-)

  • annkathryn
    14 years ago

    Gorgeous - there's nothing like natural cherry for its warmth and beauty. Very well done.

  • marthavila
    14 years ago

    I like your kitchen very much. It's pretty, warm and smart. Congratulations on a great job!

  • pricklypearcactus
    14 years ago

    Beautiful! I really love your choice in materials. The cabinet styling is perfect and your backsplash is stunning.

  • malhgold
    14 years ago

    Fabulous! What a warm and inviting kitchen. Your backsplash was the perfect choice. Enjoy your new space!

  • sue15c
    14 years ago

    We were just considering the same granite with our cherry cabinets. Also have been looking at Sante Cecila, did you ever consider more of a pattern? Our floor is a light color stone tile, which I wanted to bring out in the backsplash. Liked your backsplash, are they easy to wipe off behind your cooktop? Where is your microwave? Mine is above the cooktop. We are using our existing cabinets, but either have to shorten the cabinet above the microwave or find another place for it with out extensive remodel. Thanks for the photos, any ideas?

  • tateland
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    sue15c: the backsplash is very easy to clean (and I cook every night) if you look closely in the pantry pic, we have a GE Spacesaver microwave in there.

  • jaymielo
    14 years ago

    tateland, Thanks for emailing me offline! Your kitchen looks absolutely perfect! I love it! I think you will be happy with it for years to come. It is an instant classic! Jaymie

  • honeychurch
    14 years ago

    Lovely room! I especially like the look of all those drawers under your cooktop and the apothecary drawers over your desk---a lot of visual interest!

  • gillylily
    14 years ago

    What a beautiful Kitchen.. I haven't really begun to search for my backsplash, but you may have just inspired me too.. I have a similar kitchen.. with a twist.. cherry stained perimeter cabinets with absolute black granite and a black stained island with typhoon bordeaux granite on on the island.. Think that backsplash (or some variation of it may work for me??? It is absolutely gorgeous!! enjoy every thing about it!

  • elizpiz
    14 years ago

    Stacy, it looks amazing! So glad you sorted through all of the concerns you had with the backsplash. What did you end up sealing it with?

    You've done a great job and I know you will be very happy in your new kitchenn. Happy cooking!


  • starpooh
    13 years ago


  • tateland
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    On to tateland's bathroom project

    Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom

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