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Internet appliance purchases?

14 years ago

Has anyone bought appliances from either Number 1 Appliance or U.S. Appliance on the internet? I am looking to replace a Jenn Air electric range with the downdraft and these places seem to be much more reasonable than what I can get it locally. I'm a little nervous about spending so much in this way -- but I just can't find it locally and the big box stores are charging at least $200 - $400 more to order it. Over the internet, I also get free shipping and no sales tax. Any suggestions or feedback about these two companies? Thanks so much!

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  • lexluthor
    14 years ago

    Yes, I recently purchased a set of GE Profile appliances from Number1Appliance.

    Getting a great price and no tax really saved me a lot.

    I found Number1Appliance to be very nice to deal with. They were knowledgeable and friendly. The appliances were delivered in a timely manner and everything was fine with the billing.

    But, a couple of issues, I'm not necessarily blaming them, but there are some pitfalls with ordering appliances online.

    First of all, I decided I didn't like the Range and wanted to send it back. Even though the box was never even opened, they pretty much stuck to their policy of me paying for shipping back and charging a min 15% restocking fee. My fault, I understand, but they weren't budging even considering I spent $5000+.

    Second, the Microwave had some minor damage. After some minor haggling, they agreed to accept my return with no restocking fee and I had to pay shipping back (about $40 via Fedex). They emailed me confirmation of the credit and charged my credit card for the new one (so they could cross ship).

    I should have opened all of the boxes when the trucking company delivered the items. They do not use their own trucks but rather shipped via Yellow Trucking. After they guy (it was only 1 person) from Yellow helped me get everything into the garage (no easy task with the fridge), I probably would have made him sit around for another 30 minutes while I opened up boxes and inspected. It would have been a big PITA, but I should have done that. Once he leaves, you are pretty much screwed as far as claiming damage.

    All in all, I really have no valid complaints with Number1Appliance. They are certainly a legitimate operation. The company behind number1appliance is really Goedeckers Appliances which is a long time B&M retailer in the St. Louis area.

    If you understand the possible pitfalls, I think you are certainly safe with Number1Appliance.

    Also, FWIW, my rebate was already approved by GE, so that may further validate that they are indeed an authorized reseller (though I'm not certain that was a condition of the rebate).

    I've since gotten incredibly lucky and was able to unload the Range I didn't want on Craigslist at only a $200 loss.

    I ordered the replacement from a different store I found.
    The price was slightly better, but this store is located in NJ (I'm in NY) and they use their own delivery people who will unbox and put the item in it's place (I didn't need that originally as the items had to sit in the garage until the kitchen was ready). I think I'm a little more comfortable with a truck backed by the store rather than a random trunking company delivery.

    Let us know what you wind up doing.

  • mooring_girl
    14 years ago

    I purchased a cooktop and hood from US Appliance. No problems whatsoever.

    But do heed lexluthor's message: a range is a big appliance, and return shipping will be expensive. At the very least, make sure you are home to take delivery and inspect the outside of the package *before* it comes off the truck. Also, check that you are paying for delivery inside your house and not simply curbside drop-off.

    Best of luck.

  • mickaleen
    14 years ago

    I just completed an online purchase with US-Appliance, a washer and dryer. The delivery was made by Yellow Freight. US-Appliance indicates curbside delivery but YF brought both boxes inside, all the way to the install location. I had no issues with condition, no damage to the boxes, no problems at all.  My washer had a manufacturer's rebate too, I've already received my check.

    I would recommend US-Appliance. The price was right, no sales tax or delivery charges helped me a bunch, and the rebate was a real bonus.

  • lexluthor
    14 years ago

    Just to add, my delivery from Number1Appliance did not include in house delivery. I called Yellow and they wanted to bill me something like $75 to do so. I just needed them in the garage and that was a pretty easy path, so I figured I'd not pay that and work it out with the driver when he arrived. He was more than happy to help.

  • jax1723
    14 years ago

    I was happy buying from us-appliance (cafe range and bosch dishwasher).

  • glenster_jr
    14 years ago

    We recently purchased KA double oven, dishwasher, cooktop, and built-in microwave from US Appliance. The only snag was somehow the freight company separated the order into two shipments, requiring me to leave work and meet the driver on two different days. Good advice to check the packages for damage. The double oven was dented on top and was not noticeable even after the shrinkwrap was off until I untaped and moved the electrical cable. Fortunately no internals were damaged. I would recommend them.

  • kturner
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Thanks for all your responses! I was just about ready to place an order when I got a card in the mail from a local appliance distributor. I called them and they were willing to match the internet price, delivery for a charge -- but I can get the entire charge back in the form of a rebate. So I think I'm headed down there today to check it out! Here's another question for ya though -- with the Jenn Air I can get the model with the cooking modules or I can get a fixed burner model. I'm leaning towards the fixed burner because it looks easier to clean, and I never used my grill unit anyway. Any input on that? I'd love to post some pics and as soon as I can figure out how to do it -- I'll get them up. We're in the middle of an 'economy' redo. We priced refacing, but it was more cost effective to go ahead and have a cabinet maker make new doors and drawer fronts. We're very happy with them so far ... and handles/knobs should be delivered today! :-) Thanks again!