Reasonable fix for soundproofing paper thin walls?

9 years ago

We can easily carry on a conversation on either side of the wall between 2 bedrooms. It is 16" OC, 2 x 4 wood stud, 1/2" drywall, with no insulation. We would like to improve the soundproofing of this wall by doing work on just one side of it.

Does anyone have advice/experience on the technique that will give me the best balance of sound absorbing improvement for a reasonable cost (not necessarily lowest cost), with less disruption/mess?

We would like to not have to remove the drywall for additional framing, resilient channels, etc. I have read about GreenGlue, QuietRock, and blown in cellulose insulation. I know that foam insulation is not good for sound dampening.

Would adding 5/8 TypeX drywall with GreenGlue or QuietGlue to the existing 1/2" on one side of the bedroom wall give me as good a result as adding a layer of the QR500 QuietRock that Lowes sells?

We don't need theater room-levelsoundproofing -- just not be able to hear conversation/TV from one room to another. Even hearing very low muffled sound would be better than it is now.

Thanks for any advice.

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