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99% DONE!! Maple Shaker Kitchen

13 years ago

Well now, that wasn't TOO bad, I have to admit! We started demolition on Feb. 11th and finished on April 2nd.

We took down two walls-one divided the kitchen from the sun room and the family room and one divided the sun room and family room and bisected the kitchen. (Sort of like a 'T') We wanted to open up and bring in light to this boxy, dark colonial home. And it worked! I am in love. And I couldnt have done it with out GW, that's for sure. Everything I know about kitchen renovations I learned from this sight, it has been THAT invaluable to me! Thank you everyone for your input, suggestions, opinions and help!

We still have to install the pendant lights over the sink and paint breakfast room and family room. Also, any suggestions on a window treatment for the kitchen window will be welcomed! Im thinking a roman shade...

Here are the specifics:

Cabinets: Merillat Masterpiece Martel in Maple Toffee

Granite: Verde Peacock

Appliances: Fridge: Samsung French Door Counter Depth


Stove: GE Cafe Dual-Fuel

Dishwasher: GE Profile

Cabinet hardware: Jeffrey Alexander-Milan collection

Sink: Elkay Gourmet Elumina Undermount

Faucet: Delta Pilar Touch

Pendants peninsula: Minka Lavery Agilis

Hardwoods: stained in natural with waterbased finish

Paint: Ben Moore Coastal Path

Undercabinet lighting: Xenon

Here is a link that might be useful: Cawfeegirl's new kitchen

Comments (44)

  • cat_mom
    13 years ago

    Nice job!!!

  • someone2010
    13 years ago

    There is only one thing to say about your new kitchen. Simply beautiful. Well done.

  • motherof3
    13 years ago

    Great job - Your kitchen has so much more light and looks much more open. The backsplash will tie everything together nicely. I love the amber in the granite. It goes well with the cabinets.

    I start a similar renovation in 2 days. I also have a dark enclosed kitchen in a traditional colonial. I am also taking down 2 walls - One that separates the kitchen from the family room/sunroom. Another wall that separates the family room and sunroom will be removed so it will be one big room open to the kitchen. Sound familiar?! Instead of a peninsula, we will have a long island. I have a few questions:

    - Were any of your walls load bearing/structural? If so, was it a big deal to remove them?
    - How is the quality of the Jeffrey Alexander hardware? I like the Tuscan line and am hoping it is good quality because it is less expensive than my second hardware choice.

    Thanks for your help. Your renovation is really spectacular and makes me so excited to start mine.


  • lisa_a
    13 years ago

    What a great space! Your granite is gorgeous. And I'm very envious of your light-filled breakfast nook. Congrats!

  • country_smile
    13 years ago

    I bet you're dancing in your new kitchen - lovely - and to do all that from Feb. to April - wow!

  • sabjimata
    13 years ago

    What a huge change! Lots of light in the new kitchen. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  • eastbaymom
    13 years ago

    Lovely, maple with darker counters.

    I especially like your cabinet knobs and immediately went to look at other Jeffrey Alexander knobs and pulls. Great inspiration for me -- thank you for sharing!

  • peytonroad
    13 years ago

    Great color choices. I love the simplicity of the doors! You must be soo happy to be done!

  • bostonpam
    13 years ago

    What a great change! It's so much more open, bright and airy. I love your backsplash and granite.

  • cawfeegirl
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thanks for your kind compliments. I did want to mention that I am NOT thrilled with the paint color. I dont think it does anything for the kitchen but I kind of made the color decision under pressure. There isnt alot of wall with paint on it so I will probably change it myself in the future.

    Yes the wall that divided the sunroom and family room was a load-bearing wall. My GC took it down all by himself! He transferred the weight and supported it with a steel brace. He also added support beams to the sides of the opening in the kitchen. (confusing, I know, I wish I could draw it for you.)

    I think the JA hardware is excellent quality. It feels heavy in my hand and I love the way they look!

    Looking forward to seeing your before/after pics!

  • Gena Hooper
    13 years ago

    Wow, the renovation sounds like it went so smoothly and quickly! I absolutely love your new window. So beautiful!! And you must get tons more natural light. What a great family space. (Can I say how much I loved Jupiter? Love four-year-old arts and crafts! So sweet.)

  • rhome410
    13 years ago

    So light and pleasant, and what an amazing amount of counterspace. Must be great to walk in and see the difference. Enjoy!

  • autumngal
    13 years ago

    What an amazing vision you had, a really wonderful kitchen, great job! Enjoy it!

  • kitchenaddict
    13 years ago

    I am always excited when I see that someone has posted pictures of their new kitchen...Thanks for sharing with us!

    It is beautiful and so spacious. I bet you and your family are going to really enjoy it...Congrats!

  • mom2reese
    13 years ago

    What a love space - love all the light! Your backsplash will look great, too, and I like the little bits of sparkle.

    I kind of miss Jupiter, though, LOL!

  • gayleski
    13 years ago


  • madamg2u
    13 years ago

    Such a beautiful kitchen!


  • kmsparty
    13 years ago

    Love your kitchen! I'm actually looking into the same cabinets for my kitchen. Your window is beautiful and I love how the glass cabinet doors match the window so well.

  • bmorepanic
    13 years ago

    Nicely done-I like the backsplash tile too.

  • marcy96
    13 years ago

    Just beautiful! I love how you opened up the room to the sun room and family room. You did a great job designing the space - all your elements flow together so nicely. I can't wait to see it with the backsplash up! Enjoy!

  • sw_in_austin
    13 years ago

    Really lovely. Such light. That window is amazing. I'm envious. And I'm looking forward to pictures of that backsplash installed. It looks amazing.

  • wizardnm
    13 years ago

    I'm still in the planning stage. Your new kitchen is very inspirational! Nice job.

  • westsider40
    13 years ago

    Wow. It's beautiful. I love the happy dining nook. I love it all.

  • dancingcook
    13 years ago

    Love your new kitchen. Looking at the demo pics, and the pics of piles of new cabs wrapped in paper brought back memories of my own experiences. Hope to post pics of my finished kitchen soon (wish it were done already, though!) :)

  • momtofour
    13 years ago

    Wonderful! While the new kitchen itself is beautiful, the structural changes are also awesome!

  • warmfridge
    13 years ago

    I love your kitchen, especially the cabinets with the glass doors. I'm doing oak cabinets with verde butterfly, and I just hope I can achieve a similar look. Congratulations on your lovely new kitchen!

  • sundownr
    13 years ago

    You've done an excellent job :) It's beautiful and I just love the breakfast nook.

  • susanlynn2012
    13 years ago

    Beautiful renovation with the extra light from the structural changes really enhancing the new features of your kitchen. I hope one day my kitchen will have some drawers and nicer cabinets as well as new counters. Thanks for sharing.

  • shelayne
    13 years ago

    Oooh, very, very lovely! I love how bright and spacious it is! Your granite is so pretty, and I love the bright breakfast nook. Such a great change!

    I cannot believe you got that done so quickly, and I am very jealous of that! ;^) Great job and congratulations!

    Now you get to enjoy it!

  • cplover
    13 years ago

    Cawfeegirl---In my kitchen remodel I am thinking of taking down a wall to open up the kitchen and dining room. The dining room has hardwood floors as does the entire rest of the house. How difficult was it to match up the new floors? My wood floors are the original 1957 floors. Everyone keeps telling to just put tile in the kitchen--because they will never match up correctly. However, I would really prefer wood over tile. Any advice? Your floors look great!! Great job on your remodel!!

  • pinch_me
    13 years ago

    That breakfast nook is to die for! The rest is pretty good, too! Taking those walls out was the best thing you did.

  • cawfeegirl
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    newbieremodeler: We had ceramic tile in the kitchen and the rest of the house has hardwood. So of course, in taking down the wall, I wanted the wood floors everywhere. We had the ceramic taken out, new wood put in and then the entire first floor sanded down and stained natural. Unfortunately, the kitchen floor (the new wood) came out darker then the rest of the floor. I spoke to the floor people and they were kind of stumped by it but said that it could be the new wood just "took" the stain more deeply than the rest of the house. They offered to re-do it but did say that it probably would come out the same. Here's a picture showing it:


    Sooo..Im actually thinking of having it re-done because it is starting to bug me. The problem is, we have to leave the house for a week and we have kids in school which makes it difficult. And we would have to stay in a hotel because we dont have family here...
    So yes, I would be careful but I certainly recommend wood floor over ceramic having had both. The ceramic was cold and horrible on my lower back as I was standing there cooking. The wood floor is warm and much more forgiving physically. And it just makes the whole room cozier.

    As far as getting the wood to match, I had no clue that this could happen and I want to kick myself for not looking into further and not asking the floor people "what if they floors dont end up matching" or "what can we do to make sure the floor stains match" (perhap they could have mixed two different stains--one for the old wood, one for the new--that would have matched in the end, I dont know.

    I would definitely bring it up to your floor people if you decide to go that route...But honestly, I would do it again, I just love them!

  • cplover
    13 years ago

    Cawfeegirl: Thanks for the advice. We purchased our ranch style home two years ago and had all of the floors refinished before we moved in. We decided to go natural--no stain. So I am not sure how that would change things. Also the place where the new wood and old wood floors would meet would be approximately 40 inches. I wish you the best of luck!

  • doraville
    13 years ago

    Apparently you made all the right decisions because you have a beautiful kitchen! Congrats! I love that big window and am quite envious.

  • squigs
    13 years ago

    Love the way your kitchen turned out, and really love the window. how nice to be able to be in your kitchen and watch the kids play right out back!

  • cawfeegirl
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    newbieremodeler: I forgot to ask you...what is in your kitchen now? wood or ceramic?

  • motherof3
    13 years ago

    cawfeegirl - Thanks for getting back to me about the support wall and cabinet hardware. My next quesion was about the wood floor stains, but then newbieremodeler beat me to it. I think you were smart to give it time and see if you can live with the stain color difference. Could you strategically put a runner or rug to cover the area where the old/new woods meet? Maybe that would make the difference less noticeable. If you do decide that you can't live with it, don't think it has to be done right away. Maybe try to schedule it during a future vacation.

  • cplover
    13 years ago

    @Cawfeegirl-- My kitchen currently has very old lineoleum. The kitchen has not been updated since at least 1970 if not before. The rest of house, exept for the bathroom, all has the same light hardwood floors.

  • altagirl
    13 years ago

    cawfeegirl- Your kitchen came out gorgeous! I love it all... cabinets, colors, eating area, granite.... You did a great job. Enjoy!

  • elizpiz
    13 years ago

    Beautiful! Love that sparkly granite. Isn't it great to cook that first meal in your new kitchen? It looked yummy!


  • teaforwendy
    13 years ago

    Love it!!! Tell me what that beautiful backsplash is? I may have to copy!!!

    How do you like the GE Cafe? Ours will be installed next week.

    We did something similar with our floors but used a medium color stain - chestnut - and you can't tell where the new ones meet the old ones. I am living in the basement now waiting for the last coat of poly to dry!

    Congrats on an awesome space.

  • katsmah
    13 years ago

    Your new kitchen and sunroom are beautiful!

  • cawfeegirl
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    elizpiz, I am honored..thank you!!

    teaforwendy LOVE my GE Cafe Dual-Fuel!!! I had electric before but will never go back! I will get the tile info for you...that tile also comes in other colors...Isnt it awesome?

    motherof3: Thats EXACTLY what I did! I have a runner there (which I had planned on putting there anyway since that area of floor links the backdoor to the kitchen) and it's fine...I guess it would really bother some people, but Im over it!!

    and thank you all for your comments...I never expected to receive so many!!

  • starpooh
    13 years ago

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