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OK, I'll bite, What's wrong with a corner pantry?

12 years ago

I just slogged through the Perfect v. Good thread only to arrive at the predictable denouement (or at least the saga as of 3.40 am EDT). My bad, I realize, I should know by now where these things usually fetch up.

However, in the the comments JohnLiu and Marcolo (and possibly Mindstorm?) damned the notion of a corner pantry pretty forcefully. Is it just a (mis)placement issue, or something different?

It seems to me that a well-placed one (like the one in my plans, naturally) is an elegant, effective, storage-space maximizing solution.

But maybe there's something categorically awful that I'm not seeing. I care not if it isn't a GW-KF shibboleth, but I do care if it is some kind of functional anathema.

So, please, do tell.

For the record: I really do want to hear your advice and opinions on this issue. Don't bother telling me to do with I want. Believe me, I plan on doing exactly that, but perhaps someone else's view will give me a reason to want to do something different.

I can post the plan I'm working on, if necessary for clarity, but I don't want to confuse my particular constraints with the larger issue.

Are corner pantries bad news, and why?

TIA, for your replies.


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