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Finished Kitchen Posting - Modernish Remodel

13 years ago

A few months ago we completed the renovation of our 1953 kitchen in Austin to a more modern and usable space. We couldn't stop at just replacing the cabinets, appliances, floor, and lighting... We opened it up to the living room, rearranged the layout, added windows, moved the exterior door, and put wood floors throughout.

Of course, the project ended up being much larger in scope than we initially envisioned - we originally talked about just replacing everything in the kitchen in place, without moving plumbing or walls. Then our architect showed us how it could be so much better... and he was right.

The reorganization of the space makes both the kitchen and living room feel bigger, and the difference in usability in the kitchen (just look at the amount of counter space compared to original) is amazing.

I'd be happy to answer any questions.

We kept a blog to document the trials and tribulations (thankfully now a distant memory as we hang out at our new island) of the process. I intend to post to finished kitchens blog soon.




Dishwasher - Kitchen Aid, stainless steel, KUDC20FVSS

Fridge - Kitchen Aid, side by side, 25 cu ft, stainless steel, KSCS25FVMS

Range - Whirlpool Gold, slide-in, gas, GW397LXUS

Microwave - Whirlpool Gold, over range, GMH5205XVS

Countertop: Affinity solid surface, Linen

Sink: Domain Industries 50/50

Faucet: Hansgrohe Metro with SS Optik finish

Backsplash Tile: Lyric Lounge Penny Round Mosaic Tile

Cabinets: Mid-Continent, Slab doors in natural cherry.

Cabinet Hardware: Omnia 9153 3/4" in SS.

Exterior door hardware: Omnia Lever #12 in SS. Epitome deadbolt, SS.

Pocket Door Hardware: Linnea L-100 edge pull in satin nickel, Sugatsune 4" flush pull in satin nickel.

Flooring: Home Legend Bamboo - Toast

Paint: Sherwin-Williams Sedate Grey

Living Room Lighting: Lithonia Lighting L3R with halogen bulbs.

Kitchen/Dining Lighting: Halo ET400R with halogen bulbs.

Laundry Room Shelving: Rubbermaid pantry wire shelving.

Windows: Andersen 100 series.

Doors: Exterior door is Simpson Performance Series. Not sure about the new pocket door.

Comments (14)

  • zeebee
    13 years ago

    Nice job! Your cherry cabinets have a lovely warmth and I really like the backsplash.

  • jakabedy
    13 years ago

    Nice! I adore the penny rounds. The whole thing is very soothing, but modern at the same time. Well done!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Link to dan in austin's photos

  • dianalo
    13 years ago

    Your kitchen looks so sleek! I think it will function well and be the coolest house on the block. I could not see the before picture, but I imagine it looked nothing like this.

    I would thoroughly enjoy living and working in your kitchen.

  • honeychurch
    13 years ago

    Love your drain runnels and backsplash!

  • lolog72
    13 years ago

    It looks great! I did penny rounds too and they may just be my favorite thing in my kitchen now.

  • formerlyflorantha
    13 years ago

    This kitchen must have had a very stern, strong direction, a really controlling muse. You have really kept things all headed in the same direction. I echo the "I could work here" comment. Pat yourself on the back and start cooking!

  • jabelone
    13 years ago

    Nice. I really like the choice to go with the penny rounds. Don't see that much but it looks good.

  • pricklypearcactus
    13 years ago

    Love it! I love the sleek cabinets in warm wood and the crisp (but not too crisp) contrast of the countertops and backsplash. Your backsplash adds just the right detail.

  • chinchette
    13 years ago

    Really nice. I love the natural cherry and the simplicity. Good job!

  • palimpsest
    13 years ago

    Very nice--new, but fits perfectly in an MCM house.

  • flwrs_n_co
    13 years ago

    It looks like you stayed true to the sprit of your home. I love your warm cherry cabs with the floor and counter. I've always loved penny round tile but seldom see it as a BS. I suspect more people will use it after seeing yours--it's a sparkling gem!

  • gsciencechick
    13 years ago

    Love it! My favorites are the wall of cabinets with the fridge, and, of course, the pennyround!

  • katsmah
    13 years ago

    Very nice. The backsplash is a great touch with the sleek cabinets and counter.

  • dan_in_austin
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thanks for all the kind words. We really do LOVE the new kitchen.

    The penny round backsplash is one of the things that people comment on the most when they see the kitchen in person. Full credit to my wife who really championed them (not that there was any pushback).

    A quick backstory: in 2002 I was the first person to rent the house, then bought it in 2004. Before I rented it, exactly one family had lived in the house, and the father had done the design of the house (in the 50s). His son, who I bought the house from, comes by to visit and say hi once a year or so. I can't wait until he sees it. When he saw the pictures he said "if it wasn't yours before, it definitely is now." Ha!

    @ jakabedy - thanks for including a link to the "finished" photos in our blog. I can't believe I forgot to include them. It's included at the bottom here again.

    @ dianalo - here is a link to a blog post with some good before pictures:
    This other post shows it before it was open to the living room (with all our junk in the way, too):

    @ florantha - our architect was the guiding force. He took a lot of time and worked with us to help narrow down material and color selections. I was really tempted to have "something" with color - either the countertop, backsplash, or paint, even though there wasn't anything specific behind it. He helped push us towards something lighter and floating (that architect-speak sounds so cheesy, but I think there's something behind it). The point was made that the subtle selections elsewhere would bring out the natural beauty in the cabinets, and we feel that it does work that way.

    @ pampilset - thanks, we were hoping that it wouldn't look ridiculous with the rest of the home. I think the subtlety helped - space age modernism may have been a little too much for this old house.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Post with