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Too many book shelves to fill

Marsha Elizabeth
6 years ago

My old 1930s house came with a library room that we now use as a living room, and there are too many shelves to deal with. The room is very challenging to furnish as the bay of windows does not line up with the fireplace wall opposite (see floor plan), and there is zero wall space to put anything against. The brown areas indicate bookshelves.

I decided to group furniture in the middle of the room; the rug is centred with the fireplace as the focal point. No real budget to solve this dilemma, so relying on DIY skills here.


1. Can't rip any shelves out, as hardwood floor was installed later. Floor would be difficult/ impossible to repair.

2. Shelves are no longer in square. I asked two carpenters about building doors to create hidden storage, but they both said it would be cheaper/ easier to rip out existing shelves and build new with doors. Not in my budget.

3. These original shelves are all fixed height, not adjustable. I love the bookshelves on the fireplace wall. But I don't own enough books/ decorative items to fill the rest and it would be way too clutter-y.

I am considering filling in the half-height shelves on the door wall with drywall and creating more wall space. There would still be an odd niche above but I could maybe live with that?

I cut out one shelf and added a TV on a swing out bracket. We don't use the TV much so this works well.

On the half-height shelves behind the sofa that wrap, if I fill them in with drywall...where to stop? And what do I do with the ledge that is left over?

And this is the window side of the room.

Ideas/ suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you.

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