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Can You Identify This Violet?

4 years ago

Can anyone identify this African Violet? I put my thumb in the pictures to show just how tiny the blooms are. They are SO tiny! I got it from Wal-Mart. Just like the other 3 I got there over the past few months, there is no name on it at all. Not even the growers name. So I don't know who made the cross. I have nowhere to start. The blooms are tiny bunches and purple with white edges. I almost thought it was that new cross, that doesn't have open blooms on it, they stay closed all the time, and it just looks like it has bloom stems with no flowers on them. Anyway....can anyone give me some idea this violets name? All the others I have are still un-named. I bought it because of the odd flower. So very tiny and lots of them. The leaves are a light green, deep dimples, and the back of he leaves are also green,no red on them. Any ideas?

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