Must cabinet grain be aligned?

last year

Yeowza! I was feeling pretty darn good about kitchen cabinet choices for our new house (white oak rift or quarter cut). Then the cabinet guy says most of my picture ideas show grain that is matched up. And it is more expensive. But I haven’t asked how much more expensive. I’ve never noticed before, and because he mentioned it, Ill never look at wood grain cabinets ever the same ;-0. But he’s right... I like the grain matched up. Is it necessary to line up a grain that isn’t so noticeable and varied? I can see a stained walnut needing to be matched up. But white oak? Another thought: while I like the look of slab doors, how would this trimmed out door work with white oak? Not super modern and not terrible traditional either. Not only do I like them, but would it eliminate the need to align the grain?

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