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Single Vanity, Offset Sink - help please with mirror, lights, storage

4 years ago

Please help me make the best of a hard situation/too many mistakes.

For reasons I now struggle to try to recall (blocked them out?), though it did have to do at least partially with the plumbing, we ended up with a single vanity, sink offset to the right in the master bathroom. My thought of a bathroom closet somehow got lost along the way.

So, I am looking for help on our best approach for mirror(s), lighting, and storage. Please don't comment on what we should have done. I've beat myself up enough and am now trying to make the best of the situation we're in. Photo below.

The vanity is 58.5" wide. We can only do surface mount medicine cabinets if we use them. We are trying to keep costs down as much as possible. I hope to move the hand towel bar to the other side so it's by the sink. Assuming that can happen, we've been considering these options:

1. Large, surface mount mirrored medicine cabinet across the wall to serve as mirror and storage. Something like this: Our concern here is the medicine cabinet sticking out over the sink/faucets. Would that look strange? If we do this, would you do sconces to either side (I've read it's better lighting, but is the distance too far here?) or over mirror vanity lights? How high do you hang it?

2. A large (probably frameless) mirror that fills the space over the vanity and a surface mount medicine cabinet on the left wall where the hand towel currently is. Question again about doing sconces to either side of a slightly narrower mirror, or fill the space and lights over the mirror? And question again about medicine cabinet sticking out too far since surface mount? Maybe not an issue since the sink is to other side?

3. A large mirror as described above, but no medicine cabinets and just make use of vanity and linen closet down the hall for storage.

* For those who have vanity only storage, do you find it's enough? We don't have tons of stuff, but I find there are lots of little things that can get lost in drawers, or some things that are too tall for the drawers. Plumbing is behind cabinet, so takes up a good chunk of that space.

4. A smaller mirror just over the sink and sconces to either side of mirror.

5. Any other suggestions you may have?

In addition to the mirror/storage issue, I am wondering:

* For a 58.5" space, if we did a 48-50" mirror, is that too wide for sconces to work on either side of it? Can we get away with sconces or better off with vanity lights above mirror?

I've also included some photos of the toilet and tub space in case there are any creative storage ideas for there. (We are replacing the mismatched toilet seat.) I'm not a big fan of storage above the toilet, but did wonder about putting a shelf in there where the roof line starts to angle. Another thought is to put in a shelf or rack at the far, narrow end of the tub to hold extra towels. The tub is in an alcove and those towels would be a little tricky to reach, but it wouldn't be a frequent thing to get to them.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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