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HIbiscus help please

11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

My daughter received a beautiful potted hibiscus as a gift. After a few weeks in the pot, she transplanted it into her garden. That was about a month ago. It is defoliating now, with the leaves turning yellow before they drop.

We have no idea what kind of hibiscus this was - not a single tag or identifier on the pot - but it was bought at a reputable local nursery, so I'm hoping it's at least a hardy one here in CT.

It is in a mostly sunny, sheltered spot, and gets water probably every other day.

A search on hibiscus leaf drop says it's either too much water, not enough water (thanks, that's helpful lol) or possibly transplant shock.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Any way for me to tell if this is a hardy hibiscus? I'm sure she'd like to bring it in for the winter (if it lasts that long lol)

Sorry, my phone doesn't take very good pictures!

Thanks for any help,



Edited to add - sorry if this is a redundant topic on the Hibiscus forum. I never even knew there WAS a hibiscus forum till I went to submit this post and saw it lol. But now that I know, I'll scroll through for info. I'm sure there have been others with this same issue!

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