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Purple peas and runner beans for squash, beans, etc.

11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

I have have Sugar Magnolia purple snap pea and cilantro collected this year and some scarlet runner from 2021 (90% sprouted.) Finally, I could spare a just little bit from my Baker Creek order this year: Radish, Japanese Minowase Daikon; Chrysanthemum, Big Leaf Tong Ho; Kabocha Squash; Bitter Melon, Satsuma Onaga; Bean, 1500 Year Old Cave; Bean, Red Swan Bush; Odessa Squash; Parsley, Giant Of Italy.

I am seeking vining summer squash varieties, cranberry beans, and fava beans (especially purple ones.) Odd varieties of beans, peas, squash, etc. are welcome. Really almost anything that I can direct seed.

Please let me know if I am making any noob mistakes; I was active 20 years ago on gardenweb, but it has been a while.


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