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anyone try "Garden Soup FOR the Soil " product

Hello I saw an ad in Mother Earth New magazine for this product.. by ??? I get so bany pest everykind of beetle etc. I even have most of my garden under Hail netting. But the moths and beetles get in esp the DAng Tobacco or horn worm moth as well as army worms et. All my Garden well most in raised beds 3 ft in diameter with hardware cloth under all beds to keep out voles chipmunks etc. Of course now the MOLES have taken over the rest of my property and have copuntless mole hills which trip me something terrible

But my main question is for the the liquid product "Garden Soup for the Soil" Please dont suggest soil tests as my many circl raised beds are fed Organic "Plantone" etc. some ash, epsom salt etc. Each bed is prob different. They usually do well If I can keep them watered. too

Anyone ever use the product and can we make a similar product ourselves,??? Im want to try Pantyhose this year over the shorter plants like cabbages etc... Blessings all and thanks in advance

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