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Need help with off-centered dining room!

2 months ago

My wife and I are about to embark on a renovation. We will be flipping our dining room and kitchen. The new dining room (old kitchen) will be smaller, 12x10. I have never noticed it before but our window not centered on the wall in this room. Symmetry is important for me. Less so for my wife; she just wants a new, big kitchen! The distance between the wall and the edge of window opening is 27in on the right and 37in on the left. The window opening is 52in wide.

I know I could widen the window to center it but that is the most expensive option. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? I was thinking maybe of reducing the window width by 10in to center the window. I also see that there is 3in of framing around the window. Perhaps the new windows could be slightly less wide and positioned slightly to the left?

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