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Long Lost Recipe - Bran/Fruit Bread

2 months ago

I had a simple recipe for a quick-type bread that was delicious and healthy-ish. Here's what I remember:

Miller's Bran (NOT a cereal .... real wheat bran)

  • Dried apricots, dates, etc. (could put in any dried fruit)
  • No yeast
  • Milk? Maybe
  • All purpose flour
  • Not sure about sugar, but likely some. No molasses
  • Probably baking powder
  • No eggs

I need help recreating it, with the ingredients that I can't remember and the amounts of all. I know that I could make a bran muffin recipe and put the fruit in, but I'd really like to get closer to what this is. It wasn't heavy, nor overly sweet.

For some reason, I seem to remember that several measurements were "one cup of ...".

Yes, I've googled and am not really finding anything that sounds close. I tried one today and it was awful.

Thanks for any help!

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