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Help! V*King nightmare is over. Need input on 36”, 6 burner gas range.

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

For the last 10 months we’ve been living a horrendous V*king nightmare. Yes, we did it to ourselves when we bought it solely based on my MIL positive 25+ year experience and did no research. We never anticipated it’s arrival w a broken hinge, the kitchen shaking BOOM sound whenever the oven was preheating, the random stopping of heat production like on Thanksgiving, or the fire department’s arrival 10 minutes after the certified V*King repair person left. This infuriating nightmare is ending. We are getting a new range!

Unlike our last range purchase, I’m doing my research this time and hoping you can help. Here are my random thoughts and requirements:

  • A 36”, 6-burner, convection, gas range.
  • Must function.
  • We cook and bake daily.
  • Accurate and stable* oven temps are necessary.
  • I also do quite a bit of high temp roasting…love those roasted veggies!
  • Would love to be able to set a timer for the oven to start preheating.
  • Don’t need or want apps or any of that other fanciness.
  • No gold/brass accents.
  • Daring to dream for a 36” side-by-side oven like Laconche but without its price or 15 month wait.
  • Bonus points if your recommendation also has symmetrical knobs. WTF V*king!
  • Will need a refrigerator too. would like handles similar to range. have panel front Bosch dishwasher.

Oh, a couple of more things. Consumer Reports suggested LG and Samsung but I swore never again after we bought a house filled with both and had nothing but problems. Also, it appears that Wolf has a bit of a wait for delivery.

Having said all of that, for the last 11 months I must have told my husband 100 times I would be happy w a H*me D*pot special. So I vow (to try) not to be a range snob this time.

So…..what are your thoughts? What are your recent experiences with 36” 6 burner gas stoves as of late? what do you love? hate? Thank you!

*I know I really need an dual-fuel so I can get an electric oven. However, we are thousands over budget on a whole house renovation...

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  • 2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    Let me clarify, Sabrina. I’m not willing to spend more than $10,000 and am not interested in Samsung or LG. At this point, price and brand are second to its functionality and how it meets my requirements and needs. I’m very interested in others experiences with a 36” 6-burner convection gas range and am grateful for those who share and offer their insights.

  • 2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    "Consumer Reports suggested LG and Samsung but I swore never again after we bought a house filled with both and had nothing but problems."

    CR did not "suggest" an LG or Samsung 36" gas range as neither manufacturer offers one. The Signature Kitchen Suite SKSGR360GS is such a range. CR did test a few "pro-style" ranges but found that standard 30" models performed better. The only CR-recommended pro-style range was the 30" Monogram ZGP304NTSS; Monogram does offer the 36" ZGP366NTSS. You could also consider the 36" Cafe CGY366P2TS1. Cafe and Monogram are both GE Appliances brands. I'd compare spec sheets to decide whether the Monogram is worth an extra $1000 over the Cafe.

  • 2 months ago

    Have you looked at Bosch? You have a Bosch DW.

    We had a Bosch in our past house and currently have one at our north home. But the one we currently have is not a 6 burner. In our home here in the south we have a KitchenAid and we love it. My experience between the two..

    KA doesn't clean the way the Bosch does but it cooks fabulously. We chose KA for our south home because we thought if we ever need a repair there is a KA factory in South Carolina. Prices were better here. Luckily we have had our range for 5 years no repairs need so far.

    Bosch has a powerful gas range. But.. We did have an issue, the oven would not shut off. SCARY but they came out quickly and fixed it. Aftter that the Bosch has been fine. Cleans up so much nicer than the KA.

    I have put the stove top grates in the DW and they always come out looking gorgeous.

    Bosch 800 range 36 inch 6 burner

    I love the KA ranges now offer some fun colors...KitchenAid 36 Smart Commercial

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  • 2 months ago

    I have a 36” Blue Star RNB. Mine is on propane and was designed for it. I don’t bake a ton, I mostly got Blue Star for the stovetop burners because I do a lot of high heat cooking. (I also got their 42” hood and we have make up air, but not heated make up air because we live in a very mild climate.) Anyways, I’ve been very pleased with the oven as well as the rest of the range. It does take a full 30 minutes for the oven to properly preheat though and I flubbed up a few treats in my oven before I discovered that. I do keep an oven thermometer in there now, but once it’s up to temp it holds it really nice and steady. I don’t really use the convection fan, but it does have one. I’ve had better broilers in other ovens... don’t hate me when I say my former Viking oven had the best broiler I ever used. (My last house had a 60” Viking dual fuel range and we were pleased with it for the 5ish years we had it before we sold that home. But I know a lot of people have terrible experience with them, and I chose to go with Blue Star this time around...) I find the broiler to be uneven and I have to shift things around multiple times to get it done properly, but that’s been my harshest criticism of this range.

    I know the wait time for our range and hood was pretty long, but we ordered it at the beginning of our house build, which was also in the midst of Covid, so... no idea what the wait times are now.
    I adore how easy it is to take everything apart and thoroughly clean the range. Also, cleaning the inside of this oven has been easier than ANY oven I’ve ever owned in my several decades of being an adult who cleans ovens. LOL! I purposefully went with something without a self clean option (I’ve had a couple of horrible experiences with self clean ovens and would never use that function again even if one came with the ability.) But the bottom and sides are just so much easier to wipe in this oven.

    We didn’t go with bluestar for any other appliances besides the range and the hood and blowers. We originally wanted subzero for refrigeration, but had to make some cuts in the budget and went with Kitchenaid for our fridge, and dishwasher. (We wanted a dishwasher with a grinder, not a filter.) We’ve always had good experiences with KA over the decades, and their customer service has been great whenever we’ve had issues. Hope that helps!

  • 2 months ago

    Oh, I used to have some kitchen aid double ovens and they were great... but that was in a home we had about 15 years ago, and they were electric. My bluestar is the first time we’ve had all gas for a range since the cheapo builder grade gas range we got with our first house purchased back in the 90’s. I don’t even recall what brand that was, but it was crap. LOL!

  • PRO
    2 months ago

    I have a Bertazzoni all gas range it is 17 yrs old I run a catering biz from my home so gets a workout every day. It has a wok burner a great broiler and a simmer burner . It has not given me one day of down time . It is not fanct no timer no telling me when the temp has been reached I just open the door to see if the flames are still burning. It is a commercial type range no bells and whistles . I also have a double all electric wall oven. I love many things baked in a gas oven so like the choice . I use my wall ovens for many things like chili , soups stews all done where a constant stirring is not needed . My advice is get arange that suits your cokking style and please do not get bogged down with allplaince handle styles it is immaterial really . You buy applances for how you cook all in plain old stainless and they all look good together . BTW I had a Viking range that is in my old house but like your MIL it was long ago and I loved it too. BTW I never will have any other DW than a Bosch but not their ranges.

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    2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    I'm a Monogram fan : ) and no client of mine doesn't love it. Many of them had a prior Viking.

    Your best bet is a dedicated appliance store for all or any.

  • 2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    I just went through the purchasing process for an all gas 30" range.

    I spoke with family members who had purchased new ranges in the past 5 years to get a feel for their experience. I set my budget and then looked for brands that had something within budget.

    I wanted something <$4k, but didn't want a HD special for <$1000. Knew I wanted good quality, but couldn't afford the top of the line with having to also extend the gas line into the kitchen.

    There was literally not a single range between $3k and $4k that fit my specifications. I narrowed my search to those between $2k and 3K.

    My choices came down to GE Profile, GE Cafe, Bosch and KitchenAid. I talked to both the salesperson and the repair person at our local appliance store. The salesman was not going to pick one over the next, but the repair guy liked the GE Profile and Cafe better than Bosch and a lot better than the KA.

    I picked the Cafe, same as one of my sisters. My Brother and his wife chose the Bosch and are very happy with his choice. The only thing that I have noted thus far (have only had it for a few weeks) are that the oven racks don't glide beautifully and the built in temperature probe registered a temp of 122 degrees when my Thermoworks thermometer read 120. I did have to download an app and connect to WiFi to install the Air Fry mode. Connection instructions were not as clear as they could have been and I have not been able to get notifications to audibly push to my phone. Can see when the oven is preheated on the phone app, can hear a ding from the oven, but nothing audible. E-mailed them for a resolution to the last issue and really don't care. I have cooked for a long time without my phone telling me the oven is pre-heated.

  • 2 months ago

    We have 2 Blue Star gas ranges (a Platinum and a RNB) and are very happy with them. DH loves the high BTU burners and the ease of cleaning. Ours take about 20 minutes to preheat. We've have the Platinum for 7 years and have never had an issue with it. It's at our primary home and we also have a 30" Thermador electric wall oven. We use the Blue Star most of the time but if we're cooking for a crowd then the extra oven is handy.

    At our vacation home we installed a 30" RNB about 3 years ago. Again - no complaints or issues with it. The RNB has an option to have the door hinged on one side and then it opens like a refrigerator door. We paid extra for that but since DH and I are older it makes accessing and cleaning the oven much easier.

    Both kitchens have BlueStar hoods with make-up air.

  • 2 months ago

    I have a Wolf 36 inch 6 burner duel fuel, purchased in 2015. Love it. No issues. I bought it more for the burners rather than the oven because I use our Breville toaster oven for most of my "oven stuff" (although the Breville isn't the big one that holds a 13X9 pan so if I need to bake something that size, I use the Wolf - and of course for the Thanksgiving turkey!)

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer Hogan, did you check the notifications settings on your phone? I have a Sansung Android phone; notifications alarms are separate from phone call alarms. I usually keep phone on & notifications off, so no audible alerts from my oven. But if I turn notifications on, I get dinged all day by email & text spam & all the push notifications too. So turn on notifications to hear your oven when you need it, turn it off when you dont.

    My dil loves her new 30 in Cafe all gas range, & she's a fairly demanding cook, experimenting with multi-step recipes but also cranking out quantity for her growing family. Surely the 36 in version isn't radically different? Personally, I like the bells & whistles of GE ovens (cooking modes, phone control), & the DIL, with four kids & a newborn, is discovering their usefulness too.

  • 2 months ago

    Since you have dual fuel capability, explore an all electric induction range. Bosch 800 or Electrolx are choices. Wolf also.

  • last month

    Thanks for all of your responses and insights. Shortly after I made my post I had an unexpected medical procedure that sidelined my appliance research and purchase.

    I was hoping to hear one model that had great reviews but that is just not the case. They all have problems! I went to ABT and saw many units and got some insight. (The shoddy construction on some was mind boggling. Is it really that hard to construct a grate that easily pulls and pushes in a $7,000-8,000 range?)

    I left ABT thinking I loved the Thermador but would probably end up with a Wolf.

    I was going to place my Wolf order today and in looking at the specs saw they mention chipping and flaking of the interior. Now, I’m yet again usure.

  • last month

    The interior chipping has been a discussion for YEARS. Apparetnly related to the high heat for self cleaning mode. I confess I don't use my big oven a lot (just the two of us and use my Breville toaster oven for most baking things), and therefore don't use self cleaning much (think I've done it twice in 9 years!). But I have no issue with the blue interior chipping.

  • last month

    Hi usatec3. We will be shopping soon for a new build. We are outside Chicago and will take a trip to Abt. Did you decide on a range? Sister has 36” Cafe and likes it but she is not a heavy cook or baker and I am. Considering Wolf (even w flaking issues) or GE Cafe or Monogram although Monogram sounds like they have had some issues. Our current GE is 25 years old but I know they don’t make them like they used to! Sounds like all the appliance brands have issues.

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  • last month

    I have kitchen Aid 36 inch dual fuel and I love it

  • last month
    last modified: last month

    Laura, In appearance I loved the Thermador the most. It was beautiful, solid and well made compared to most of the other brands. However on paper the reviews weren’t great so I was afraid. I decided that I was only interested in the Wolf because it was a Wolf and I had no interest in dealing with chiping paint. the not-so great reviews about the paint turned me off. I never use self clean but I do frequentiy bake pizzas at 500*f and roast at super hot temps.

    Because our refrigerator box is only 70” tall we couldn’t find a panel ready unit. Since it was important to one of us (eyeroll) that the handles on the fridge and range match we only had 3 options - Dacor, Fisher Paykel (sp?) and Cafe. Cafe was the winner despite some not great reviews. However several people in this thread have had good experience with it.

    I ordered the Cafe fridge and 36” range from Ferguson saving $1500 over ABT. They were supposed to be delivered today but got a call yesterday saying they are delayed. Maybe I should have paid more and gone with ABT.

    fWIW ABT is insane on the weekend.

  • last month

    Usatec3 thank you so much. Your approach to researching and decision is right on. I was thinking the same about Wolf. Always thought I would love to have one. Shame they won’t fix the issue with their enamel they are losing business. If we make it to the showroom at Abt I will be sure to visit during the week! Thanks for the tip!