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What are rabbits favorite veggies?

In my garden they love beets, asparagus, edamame and green beans. Last year I had one eat peppers like crazy - only 1 rabbit, never had this before.

I am asking because I plant stuff for them to eat near woods and away from my garden.

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  • last month

    Any of them that they can see and get to, lol. But alfalfa, dandilions, greens- sweeter ones over more bitter ones usually. If you provide them something by the woods, keep in mind they prefer to have something for hiding from predators. So they are more likely to want stuff out of sky line-of-sight than they are with crossing open space or be in the open to eat. Rabbits are visual hunters, so plant where they can see the food easy.

    But they will still come into your yard and garden. Their hunting range is several acres. If you can surround your garden with a visual impediment like a low wall they can't see over, that can help protect your garden more.

  • last month

    Back when I used to grow strawberries they would clean me out. They also eat my sweet potato vines but for the most part the copious amount of white clover growing in the open yard keeps them happy. So far they haven't shown up this Spring.

  • last month
    last modified: last month

    I have my worst rabbit problems in the early spring when I start sitting out my brassicas. They seem to like to take out my broccoli more than anything else , like cabbage. I 've been covering my broccoli plants with gal milk jugs to fend off the rabbits more so than for freezes. If that's the only green thing out there , they'll go for it. I've also used small chicken wire cages to put over the plants.

    When the surrounding grassy areas green up more the rabbits tend to lay off , especially if the plants are a little bigger. I have cow pastures surrounding my garden.

    Okie HU

  • last month

    Try decoys, owls etc. I had fake turkeys and placed them nearby they tended to avoid them - they ate stuff further away. My goal is to scare them from my plants pushing them to stuff I plant for them.

  • last month

    they seem to have no interest in chard, tomatoes, potato and most herbs.

  • last month

    Really hard to tell what rabbits eat in my gardens, even though the rabbits are always around all year long, just seem like small nibblers. Interyard rabbit roadway is used all of the time.

    Now the groundhogs are terrors, smart but with poor eyesight, they destroy plants or just bite off something and spit it out. Groundhogs love Brassicas, and will ruin carrot beds, so don't always blame the rabbits automatically.

  • last month

    we also have gophers that will devastate a garden overnight. One learns to be humble and appreciate what farmers can do for these hundreds of years...

  • 29 days ago

    One rabbit can wreek havoc! Worst when plants are young and it takes 20 plants to satisfy them. I have a fenced in 1 acre backyard. Impossible to keep them out but I added chicken wire around the bottom 16". We have dogs too. Once they get it they will keep coming and if I find where they find a new place. It is way to much work to try to maintain 250 yards of fence to be rabbit proof.

    It does a great job of keeping most rabbits out.

  • 29 days ago

    A few years back I had a rabbit addicted to my cayenne pepper. Won't touch any of the other 30 pepper plants, only the cayenne. The rabbits certainly like asparagus, and I have some trouble with sweet corn when they're young. I figured they'd attack my Brassicas but never did.

    Anne, if those 100 old milk crates are the metal ones you may have thousands of dollars sitting outside. They sell very well on EBAY for between $20 and $80 depending on the dairy they came from with people paying more for shipping than the price of the crate.

    I sold two for $25 each at a garage sale last fall, and used ebay's "items sold" prices to price my crates.

  • 29 days ago

    Unfortunately I only have 8 or 9 of those metal milk crates, most of them are the heavy duty plastic. I'll sure watch for the metal ones, though, thanks for the heads up!


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