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How to Keep Lady Bugs On Plants?

29 days ago
last modified: 17 days ago

I have a long-standing aphid infestation on a large Mandevilla vine. I use potassium insecticidal soap, which kills any obvious overgrowth areas, but the vine is so dense they have plenty of places to hide. I have tried lady bugs previously, but this was a complete waste. The lady bugs immediately fly off to other plants, even when there is extensive aphid infestation all over the plant.

Does it make any sense to cover the vine with a white mesh and then release the aphids inside of this? The idea would be to prevent the predatory insects from just flying off, and then hopefully at some point they settle down and start looking for food. Once they are on the plant for a week hopefully they are impacting the overall aphid population.

I tried green lacewing, and those would not even hatch. The ideal insect is the brown lacewing, because both larva and adult forms eat aphids. Unfortunately, no one sells brown lacewings.

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