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Kitchen layout conundrum - combining kitchen and living room

29 days ago

First photo is current layout with no measurements. The top of the kitchen area has the breakfast table bur rarely use.

The "FP" is a fireplace and as it says, the walls are brick. Don't want to touch the bearing wall and leave the Sitting and Dining Room intact.

Trying to figure out the best lay out if I remove the wall between the Kitchen and Living room and create a big kitchen with breakfast area that I'd actually use. Would also remove the brick in the kitchen as that houses the oven/microwave

Have a 48" rangetop I just bought so that needs to be included but currently searching for fridge/freezer or may just use the current 36". Wanting plenty of counterspace for prep and possibly a sitting area that is built in. Was looking at making a large island countertop where the wall was and moving the sink to the island with seating on the other side but no good place to put the oven, fridge and rangetop without closing up windows. Now thinking of using the entire south wall of the living room and having a built in breakfast nook in the top left corner of the current kitchen.

I am decent at design but this layout is killing me as can't figure best use of two rooms to make a dream kitchen. Would live to hear any thoughts/advice/ideas

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